Risk warning: Trading Forex can generate great profits as well as great losses for you. It’s good practice to never invest more that you are willing to part with as it is possible to lose more than your initial investment. If you do not have enough experience to trade, we suggest you seek independent advice before you invest. Remember… time is money, invest it wisely.


Forex newcomers are often immersed in a vast amount of information and foreign terminology that may leave them overwhelmed. We're here to make sure that this doesn't happen. We give you a breakdown of the fundamental concepts of the forex industry and lay the groundwork for you; all you have to do is read up and prepare for your Forex Time to begin.

Forex Basics

As a newcomer to the forex industry, there are some basic concepts that you will need to grasp. We're sure a lot of the terms you've come across sound a little complicated now, but we can explain the fundamentals of the industry in a far simpler way. Read on to find out more.

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What is Forex Trading ?

So what exactly is forex trading and how did it come about? How did it evolve into the current online forex trading model that we use today? Track the development of the forex market over the years, find out how it works and what the role of a broker is and discover just why this market is so special.

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Choosing the Best Forex Broker

When beginners set foot in the forex industry, choosing a forex broker they can trust is the first and most vital step they must take. There are a number of decisive factors a trader must take into careful consideration. To take a look at a detailed breakdown of these factors, read more.

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