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Non-farm payrolls

Find out what the non-farm payrolls (NFP) report is, when it’s released and how it affects financial markets.

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Latest non-farm payrolls data

The US economy added 206,000 jobs in June 2024, just above market predictions of 190,000. US unemployment rose to 4.1% - the highest rate since November 2021.







When is the next non-farm payrolls report?

NFP data is usually released at 8.30am (EST) on the first Friday of every month.
Here are the key dates for your diary.

Reference Month Date Time (EST)
January 2024 2 February 2024 8.30am
February 2024 8 March 2024 8.30am
March 2024 5 April 2024 8.30am
April 2024 3 May 2024 8.30am
May 2024 7 June 2024 8.30am
June 2024 5 July 2024 8.30am
July 2024 2 August 2024 8.30am
August 2024 6 September 2024 8.30am
September 2024 4 October 2024 8.30am
October 2024 1 November 2024 8.30am
November 2024 6 December 2024 8.30am
Reference month January 2024
Date 2 February 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month February 2024
Date 8 March 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month March 2024
Date 5 April 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month April 2024
Date 3 May 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month May 2024
Date 7 June 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month June 2024
Date 5 July 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month July 2024
Date 2 August 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month August 2024
Date 6 September 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month September 2024
Date 4 October 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month October 2024
Date 1 November 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am
Reference month November 2024
Date 6 December 2024
Time (EST) 8.30am

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