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Learn to spot patterns in market data with FXTM Head of Education Andreas Thalassinos. His Trading with Elliott Wave Theory seminar and workshop are designed to help you find trading opportunities using one of the most important concepts in technical analysis.

The Elliott Wave Theory states that progress in the market takes the form of three waves in the direction of the prevailing trend and two corrective waves in the opposite direction. Elliott defined a number of wave patterns that appear during the lifecycle of a financial instrument and identified guidelines for when they appear.

Attend these sessions to discover a clear set of rules and guidelines to help you interpret the financial markets by learning how to apply the Elliott Wave Theory to your trading. You will discover how to identify a wave pattern to signal your entry to the market, how to calculate price targets and estimate price corrections.

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The seminar is completely free to attend. Please note that a minimum deposit of $300 is required to attend the workshop. Please contact your ASM for further details.

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23 June
09:30 - 17:30



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Andreas Thalassinos

Why should you attend?

  • Identify corrective waves
  • Interpret continuation patterns
  • Understand wave ratios
  • Calculate price and potential take profit targets
  • Discover Fibonacci retracements
  • Understand Fibonacci projections
  • Learn risk management rules
  • Explore crowd psychology and contrarian theory
  • Practice and live trading

Andreas Thalassinos


FXTM’s Head of Education is a highly-respected FX educator and Certified Technical Analyst. An authority in algorithmic trading, Andreas Thalassinos is also known for developing hundreds of automated systems, indicators and trading tools used today.

His passion for educating traders and forex industry professionals has made him an industry Guru, with tutorials and webinars consistently viewed by thousands of traders around the world. Thalassinos’ seminars are renowned for their lively atmosphere and exceptionally informative content and enjoy outstanding attendance every time.

Forex Trading Seminar in Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam


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