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Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.


1. What is the commission fee on ECN accounts?

Commission is only charged on the (MT4) ECN Account and the FXTM ECN MT5.

On MT5,the commission is fixed at $4.00 per lot. ($2.00 when position opens and $2.00 when position closes)

On ECN MT4 account is calculated per lot at 4 units of the trading account Currency.

On ECN MT4 account commission is always charged on the Base of the Currency trader. (xxx/yyy)

For example:

Account is USD

  • If Client trades 1 lot USD/JPY ---> Commission will be $4.00
  • If Client trades 1 lot EUR/USD ---> Commission will be 4.00 EUR * (exchange rate) 1.10873= 4.43 $

Account is EUR

  • If Client trades 1 lot EUR/USD ---> Commission will be EUR 4.00
  • If Client trades 1 lot USD/JPY ---> Commission will be 4.00 USD / (exchange rate) 1.10873= 3.60 euro

The commission on the (MT4) ECN Account is calculated per 1 million USD at $20 – $4, ECN MT5 commission is $2 per lot.

Visit our Swap & Commissions page for more information.

2. How is the commission calculated on ECN accounts?

Commission on ECN accounts is calculated per million USD using the following formula:

Lot x Rate x Commission (per million) x 2 (charged twice, once for opening and once for closing a position)

For example:

100,000 (1 Lot) x 1.300000 = $130,000

$130,000 (/1,000,000) x 20$ x 2 = $5.20

3. How is Margin Level calculated?

You can determine your margin by following the instructions on our Margin Calculator page.

The following formula estimates your margin level as a percentage.

Margin Level = Equity/Margin Used x 100

4. How are Swaps calculated?

Please see our swap calculation formula below:

Pip value x Number of lots x Swap rate x Number of nights

Swap values are provided in pips and are reflected at the Contracts Specifications page.


$10 (pip value for 1 lot of GBP/USD) x 4 (number of lots) x -0.35 (short GBP/USD) x 4 (number of nights*) = -$56

*position opened on Tuesday and closed on Thursday (triple swap is charged from Wednesday to Thursday night as it includes the charge for the weekend)

5. How do I calculate the value of a pip?

You can find the value of a pip in any currency by using our Pip calculator.

The formula is as follows:

0.0001 or 0.01 x notional value (depends on the currency – 4th decimal for 5-decimal currencies and 2nd for 3 decimal currencies)

Example for 1 lot of EUR/USD:

0.0001 x 100,000 (1 lot= 100,000) = 10 USD*.

*The pip value is always denominated in the quote currency. For other trading instruments, please check our Contract Specifications.

6. How do I calculate the margin needed to open a position?

Formula: Notional value / Leverage

Example for 1 lot EUR/USD and 1:1000 Leverage:

100,000 EUR / 1000 = 100 EUR

7. How is Free margin calculated?

The free margin is calculated by subtracting the margin you have used to open your positions from the equity on your account.

Formula: Free Margin = Equity – Used Margin

8. How is the equity calculated on my trading account?

Your equity is calculated as follows:

Equity = Balance + Credit + Profit/loss + Swap + Commission