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How to become an Introducer

1. What is an Introducer?
Introducer, also known as Introducing Broker or IB in FXTM Partners, is one of the most attractive Partnership programs. It offers you a great opportunity to develop your business with us by providing the bestexcellent trading conditions for your clients as well as a lucrative remuneration plan for your cooperation with us.
2. How do I become an Introducer?

If you wish to become one of our partners you should register with FXTM Partners at http://www.fxtmpartners.com/business­introducers/, then log in to your Introducer’s Panel (IB panel) and complete the full questionnaire in the ‘My Details’ section.

3. Can anyone become an Introducer?

Yes. The only requirement is opening an account with FXTM Partners and referring active traders to FXTM.

4. What details do you need from me in order to approve me as one of your partners?

You will need to provide us with the following documents:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residence

If you would like to register as a Legal Entity please email documents@fxtmpartners.com and request the required information. Alternatively you can request for an Account Manager to contact you.

5. When can I start referring clients?

As soon as you register you will be able to see your Referral link on the dashboard in your IB Panel in FXTM Partners. You can immediately start sharing your Referral link with clients and accruing your rebates from their trading.

6. What is a Referral Link?

This is a link which contains your Introducer ID. It can be found on the main page of your IB Panel and typically looks like this: http://www.forextime.com/?partner_id=49XXXXX.

Any clients that register with us using your Referral link will be assigned under you.

7. What is an Introducer ID?
This is a 7-digit number beginning with 49XXXXX. This ID is unique, however, a partner can have more than one IB ID.
8. I have referred a client who did not register through my link. What can I do?

Your client should send an email directly to partners@fxtm.com and request that his account be assigned under you. Please note that without a direct request from the client, we will not be able to transfer the account under your IB ID.

9. Do you have a Master Introducer Program?

Yes, we do. You can refer other partners and be rewarded for transactions from their clients.

Please note that in order for your client to be registered as a Sub IB, you need to provide him a referral link with your unique Introducer ID which will lead him to our FXTM Partners registration form.

A typical MIB link for Sub IBs should look like the following:


Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

10. Do you offer white label services?
Yes, we offer partnership programs that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. Please send us an email with the full details of the program you are looking for, toinstitutional@fxtm.com and our Institutional Manager will get in touch with you shortly.