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Internal transfers

1. Can I transfer funds between my accounts in FXTM?

Yes, you can. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to MyFXTM
  2. Click ‘Internal transfers’ from the ‘My Money’ dropdown menu on the left hand side.
  3. Account: Select the Account/Wallet you wish to transfer your funds from
  4. Amount: Type in the amount you wish to transfer
  5. Deposit to account: Select the trading account/wallet you wish to transfer your funds to
  6. Click Confirm
  7. YYou will receive a payment password on both your phone and email
  8. Enter any of the two payment passwords in the new field and click Submit
  9. You can check the status of your transfer in "MyFXTM History". If the status is "Processing",  it means that your request has been accepted. Once the request status is "Funds deposited to account", it means that funds were sent to the account you selected.
2. Do you have any restrictions and limits for internal transfers?
  • You can make internal transfers only between your accounts within MyFXTM.
  • Internal transfers can be made only in the currency of your accounts.
  • There are no minimum or maximum limits for internal transfers.
3. Do you charge any commission for internal transfer?
  • No. FXTM does not charge a fee for internal transfers.
  • In case the currency between the two accounts differs, the funds will be converted according to the FXTM exchange rates in MyFXTM on the day the funds are credited to the account.
4. How long does it take to process an internal transfer?

Internal Transfers are processed instantly so it should take no more than a few minutes for the new balance to be reflected in your accounts. In the unlikely case that you experience a delay in your transfer, please contact us and we will handle the issue as soon as possible.

5. What are the typical errors when doing internal transfers?
  • If you have a bonus on the account then according to the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus, we have to cancel it. FXTM will send you an email in order for you to confirm that you agree forfeiting the bonus before processing the internal transfer.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient free margin available in your account to cover your internal transfer. If you do not, you may choose to close open positions in the account from which you plan to transfer funds.