Risk warning: Trading CFDs is risky and can result in the loss of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Read full Risk Disclosure. FT Global Ltd is regulated by the IFSC.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.

Trading operations

1. How do I place/change a Stop Loss/Take Profit (SL/TP) order?
These can be modified by double clicking on the order or with a right click and then “Modify or Delete Order” in the trade tab in the terminal window. You are not able to modify or delete SL/TP once the price has been reached.
2. What are the advantages of ECN trading?

The following are some of the benefits of trading on ECN:

  • Trade with the most competitive spreads available
  • Gain access to the best bid and ask prices from various liquidity providers
  • No re-quotes
  • Ability to scalp with no restrictions whatsoever
3. Do you guarantee order execution?

If the price reaches a Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Sell Limit or Sell Stop order, these types are executed instantly.

There may be instances however where these orders will not be executed at the declared customer’s price and FXTM reserves the right to execute the order at the first available price.

4. What can I do if I think there is a problem with a particular trade?

Contact our Customer Support team with the ticket number and the reason you think this should have been executed.

You can reach us via Live Chat or head over to our Contact us page to find our detailed contact information.

5. Why does my trade remain open when the charts show that the price has been reached?

The charts on the MT4 trading platform by default show only the Bid prices. Please be informed that short (sell) positions are closed at the Ask price instead.

You can display an “Ask line” in your charts:

  1. Right click on the chart
  2. Select “Properties” and then go to the “Common” tab
  3. Tick the “Show Ask line” checkbox
  4. Click OK to confirm the changes
6. What prices are displayed on the charts in my trading terminal? At what price will my order be triggered?

The prices displayed on your MetaTrader 4 charts are the maximum Bid price or High which is displayed at the top of the bar, and the minimum Bid price or Low which is displayed at the bottom of the bar.

To calculate the Ask price you need to use the formula: Bid price + spread, so the minimum Ask price would be the Low + spread and the maximum Ask price would be the High + spread.

On Buy positions, your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will be triggered when the Bid price reaches the order level, whereas on Sell positions they will be triggered when the Ask price reaches the order level.

Buy Limit and Buy Stop orders will be triggered when the Ask prices reaches the order level, whilst Sell Limit and Sell Stop orders will be triggered when the Bid price reaches the order level.

7. Will the company ever change a client’s leverage?

Yes, the company reserves the right to change a client’s leverage at its discretion either for a limited period or permanently.  Please also note that we offer floating leverage. More details can be found in our Margin Requirements page.

Also note that if positions are opened, closed, or modified on forex currency pairs on a Standard.MT4 and Cent.MT4 account in the hour before the trading session ends on Friday, the leverage will be fixed at 1:100. Before the beginning of the next trading session, the leverage will be reset based on the total volume of open positions on the account.

8. What is the maximum leverage you offer?

The maximum leverage offered on our Standard MT4, Cent MT4 and ECN Zero account is 1:1000, while the leverage on our ECN and FXTM ECN MT5 account is up to 1:500. 0 You can find more information regarding our trading terms on our Account Comparison page.

9. I suspect trades on my platform have been carried out by an unauthorized party. What can I do?

Firstly, you can check for yourself through the trading platform:

  1. Log in to your platform
  2. Click on the "Journal" tab in the terminal window.
  3. Right click within the "Journal" window and select "Open".
  4. Here you can view all the daily log files which record and display all activity on your account.

Please note that if you're using the MetaTrader 4 on more than one PC you have to first retrieve all log files in order to view the full record of activity.

In any case you can contact our support team to carry out a more thorough investigation.

Please ensure to keep your passwords safe and do not disclose them to any third party.

10. Will I get re-quotes when trading with FXTM?

There are no re-quotes on our ECN accounts but re-quotes may take place on a Standard account.

On Standard accounts, trades are executed instantly. Re-quotes can be reduced if you tick the “Enable maximum deviation from quoted price” checkbox in the order window and select an appropriate value in the maximum deviation field. If you receive a re-quote, and you do not press the “Ok” button within 3 seconds, the quote will become invalid, and your order will not be executed.

11. I get the error Message “Trade Context Busy”
The error message “Trade Context Busy” will occur if you have given MetaTrader an additional instruction before it has completed an earlier task. Usually this is because of multiple mouse clicks or a hyperactive EA. Please log out from your trading platform (file > exit) and then log in again - this should resolve the issue.
12. Can I ask a friend/family member to trade for me?
No. The person who registers and opens the account with us should be the only person trading on the account. Your friend or family member will need to open his own trading account if he wishes to trade.
13. I want someone to manage my account for me. Can you do this or recommend someone for me?

The FXTM PAMM program is suitable for investors wishing to open a managed account. The program was created and is completely controlled by the FXTM Portfolio Management Department (PMD) which allocates investors' funds in accordance with their personal investment objectives and risk profile.

If you are interested in investing in our PAMM program then you must first become a fully approved client and once your account has been approved you can click on the “PAMM” Investor Icon on your Traders Desktop to proceed.

14. My internet connection has failed and I have an urgent trade I need help with. What can I do?
If you wish to close a position and you cannot connect to the internet, please Contact Us. You can get in touch directly with our Dealing Desk via the Closing/Modifying a Position landline.
15. What Trading Instruments do you offer?
We offer over 50 different currency pairs for trading, CFDs for shares and futures, ETFs and precious metals. For full details and specifications regarding all our financial instruments please visit our Contract Specifications page.
16. Can I trade Micro lots?

Yes. You can trade in Micro lots and Micro lot increments are available on all our accounts.

We also provide Cent accounts for which the Micro lot value is 100 times smaller than a normal Micro lot.

17. Do you change your spreads during news?
We offer both fixed and floating spreads subject to the instrument and account type. However, floating spreads may increase during volatile market conditions. This is dependent on the prices we receive from our liquidity providers.
18. What is the maximum tradeable lot size?

The maximum lot size for a single trade is 100 lots. For example you can open a position for 100 lots in EUR/USD. If you wish to trade more lots, you can open another position in EUR/USD for another 100 lots, provided of course you have enough free margin to do so.

For more information on the trading terms on each account offered please visit our Account Comparison page.

19. What is your leverage for precious metals (Gold & Silver)?

Leverage offered on spot metals is up to (floating) 1:500 on both our Standard and ECN trading accounts.

Please check our Margin Requirements page for more details on the “floating leverage” offered.

20. What leverage options do you offer?

FXTM clients have access to floating leverage up to 1:000 depending on account type. Please see our Account Comparison page for more detailed information regarding leverage and margin requirements for each of our account types.

21. Can I change my leverage?

Yes, you can. FXTM offers clients the opportunity to customize their leverage on their live trading accounts:

  1. Login to MyFXTM
  2. Click on ‘My Accounts’ in the left hand Menu, and then select ‘Accounts Overview’.
  3. Find the trading account you want to change the leverage for, and click on the Green arrow next to the ‘Deposit’ button, then select ‘Change leverage’ from the drop down list.  
  4. In the window that opens, choose your new account leverage and enter your trading account password to verify the changes.

Click on the blue ‘Ok’ button to complete the process.

Please note you are not able to change the leverage on a demo account as this is set to 1:500 by default.

22. Does FXTM charge commission?

FXTM does not charge commissions on Standard.MT4 accounts. Transaction costs are incorporated into the spread. However, there is a commission charge for ECN MT4 and ECN MT5 accounts.

For further details, please refer to our Trading Terms.

23. What is the size of 1 Standard lot?

1 lot is 100,000 units of the base currency.

The base currency is the first currency in a currency pair. For instruments other than currencies, the lot size can be different.

For further details, please refer to our Trading Terms.

24. Can you explain the different Order Types in MT4?

Buy Limit: This is an order placed to buy a security at a specific price and no higher. By placing this type of order, the investors secure a guarantee that they will pay the 'limit' price or less to purchase the security they want. Buy Limit orders are set for a price lower than the current one.

Buy Stop: This is an order to buy a security when it reaches a price which is higher than the current offer price. Once the price reaches the Buy Stop price, the order is triggered.

Sell Limit: An order placed when an investor wishes to sell a security at a specific price or higher. The limit is the lowest price you are willing to sell your security. Sell Limit orders are set for a price which is higher than the current one.

Sell Stop/Stop Loss: This is an order placed when an investor wants to sell a security at a specific price or lower. Once the price hits Sell Stop point, the order is triggered and becomes a market order to sell.

Take Profit: This order is used when an investor specifies the exact price he wants to close out the current position in order to lock-in their profits.

Trailing Stop: This is an order placed in advance so that when the price of a security moves in an unprofitable direction by a certain percentage specified by the investor, the trade is closed. Trailing Stops are automated and are thus easier to use than Stop Loss orders as a way to limit losses and protect profits.

25. What are your trading hours?

You can trade with FXTM from 00:00 Monday until 23:59 Friday*.

* server time (EET).

26. What are the Trading hours for all markets?

The trading sessions’ schedule is provided on our website.

27. Do you offer swap-free accounts?

Yes, we do. There is a swap-free option for all our accounts*.

When this option is enabled, your account will not incur any swap charges for overnight positions. You can check all the available instruments in our Contract Specifications page.

You can choose to have a swap-free account during the registration process or you can enable the swap-free option in MyFXTM:

  1. Login to MyFXTM
  2. Find the account you want to switch to swap-free under Trading Accounts
  3. Click on the account to display additional options
  4. Select “Enable swap-free mode”
  5. Click Yes to confirm the changes

* The Swap-free option is available for clients in select countries only. Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

28. Do you offer Islamic accounts?
We offer a swap-free option on all our accounts. When the swap-free mode is enabled, the account will not accrue interest for carrying positions overnight and therefore is perfectly suitable for Muslim traders as it complies fully with the no-riba tenets of Sharia law.
29. Can my account go into negative balance?
This can happen during extremely volatile market conditions when the prices move rapidly.
30. What are my risks in trading?

Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. They carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks before trading in these financial markets.

Please see our Risk Disclosure page for a more detailed explanation regarding risk exposure in forex and CFDs.

31. I am logged in, but the new order is greyed out. What is the problem?
Your account could be set to read-only or you may be logged in using your Read-only password. The Read-only password is meant as a public password to demonstrate your results to investors and has no trading permissions. If the read-only password is the same as your normal trading account password, the investor password will take priority. 
32. Do you offer trading signals?

Yes, we offer FXTM Trading Signals within MyFXTM.

When you register for an account with us, you will be able to access FXTM Trading Signals. Once you are logged in to your MyFXTM account, you can access FXTM Trading Signals from the left-hand side menu, under ‘Trading Services’. Alternatively, you can access the signals directly from our main website by selecting ‘Trading Tools’ from the top menu, under ‘Forex Trading’.

33. How do I make money in Forex?

Profit is made from the difference of buying/selling a currency and its subsequent selling/buying at a better rate.

For example:

If you buy EUR/USD at 1.42000, you are buying euros and selling US dollars. You are speculating that the euro will go up against the dollar. If the price then rises to 1.42500 and you decide to close your trade at this price, you will have made a profit of 500 points. If you bought 1 standard lot of EUR/USD which is 100,000 units of currency, your profit would have been $500.

34. How do I uninstall my trading platform?

In Windows, find the “Control Panel”, select “Programs and Features” and then right click on the MetaTrader Platform. You should then see “uninstall/change”; click on this and select “uninstall”.

Allow this to run, it should take no more than a few minutes. Once it has been uninstalled, please restart your computer from the Windows menu before you download a new trading platform.

Please ensure that you are logged in as Administrator to uninstall the trading platform.

To be able to uninstall the platform as Administrator, please right click on the MT4 icon on your Desktop, then go to Properties, select Compatibility and tick the box next to “Run this program as an administrator”.

You can find the control panel by following the steps below. On Windows 7 and later versions you should be able to search for “Control Panel” with the search function in the Start menu.

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Go to All Programs and then Accessories
  3. Select System Tools
  4. Finally click Control Panel
35. Does the Stop Out Level change on Friday night?

Yes, it does. On ECN MT4, ECN Zero and ECN Pro, in the hour before the close of the trading session on Friday, the Stop Out and Margin Call levels are changed from 50% to 100% and from 80% to 130% respectively.

36. Does leverage change on Friday night?

Yes, if positions or pending orders are opened, closed, modified or deleted on a Standard.MT4 or Cent.MT4 account during the last trading hour on Friday, the leverage will be switched to 1:100 for all open and newly opened positions on currency pairs.

Before the beginning of the next trading session, the leverage will be reset based on the total volume of open positions on the trading account.

37. What happens to my position if left open overnight?

If you leave a position open overnight, it will be rolled over (at a swap charge) to the next trading day. In this way it will maintain open spot status. Swap rates can be found in the Contract Specifications page on our website.

Please note: When you rollover an open position from Wednesday to Thursday on trade date basis, the Monday of the following week will be the new value date, not Saturday. The rollover charge on a Wednesday evening will therefore be three times the value as shown in our Contract Specifications page in order to account for any fees during the weekend.

38. How do I enable news on the MT4 platform?

To display the news tab in MT4, please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your MT4 platform
  2. Navigate to Tools and then Options
  3. Click server
  4. Tick the “Enable News” box and click OK.

Please note that during periods of heavy economic announcements the news tab may require additional CPU resources and slow down your terminal.  

39. When I go offline do you close my open positions and placed orders?

No, open positions will not be closed when you go offline and they will remain active even if you log out of your trading platform. 

The same applies to all order types except Trailing Stops. Trailing Stops become inactive when you log out of MetaTrader or your connection is lost. Expert Advisors also become inactive when MetaTrader is closed or if you are not logged in.

If you are running an Expert Advisor and require continuous uptime, you may be interested in our free VPS service.

40. Can I trade stocks?

Yes, we offer CFDs on over 40 stocks that can be traded on your Standard MT4 account. Major company shares include Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and American Express. Please see the Share CFDs tab in our Contract Specifications for more information regarding the Share CFDs we offer.

41. Do you trade spot forex?
Yes, we offer CFDs on spot forex for trading purposes. CFDs are non-delivery transactions, thus giving traders the opportunity to profit on the changes in currency rates.
42. Can I be long and short in the same instrument simultaneously?

Yes, you can do this on the MT4 platform.

This is called “hedging” or “matching” a position - long (“Buy”) and short (“Sell”) positions of the same transaction size opened in the same instrument. The margin required to open and maintain such positions (hedged margin) is half of the usual initial margin required per transaction. 

43. Can I place trailing stop orders?
Yes, you can place a trailing stop order. More information on trailing stops can be found in our MetaTrader User Manual. Please note that trailing stops become inactive when you log out or your connection to your MT4 or MT5 platform is interrupted for any reason.
44. I would like to trade over news releases and volatile markets. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem at all. Both our trading platforms and trading desk are highly geared for active trading during high market activity. Please note that during volatile market conditions, the price requested may differ from the price of execution depending on market conditions and rate availability.

May we remind you that trading during volatile conditions where important news and data releases are made is incredibly risky and may result in you losing more than your initial investment and that execution price will always be provided at the first available price.

45. What do I do if an installed Expert Advisor does not trade?

First ensure that trading is permitted on your platform.

To check this, navigate to “Tools” > “Options” > “Expert Advisors” and make sure that the “Allow Automated Trading” feature has been switched on.

Then, look at the “Expert Advisors” button in the tool bar on top to see if it is green. If activation has been successful, there will be a smiley face at the top-right corner of your chart (add the EA to the chart if needed).

If you are still experiencing problems, check for any errors in the log files in the “Experts” tab (this is located at the bottom of MT4, in the “Terminal” window).

Please note that we are unable to assist with the settings of Expert Advisors. For assistance with these, please refer to the provider of the EA who should be happy to assist, or visit the MQL4 community forum http://www.mql4.com/ which is specifically designed to assist with such matters.

46. What operating system (OS) do I need for MT5?
You need the Windows Vista or newer.
47. What Operating System (OS) do I need for MT4?
You need Windows Vista or newer.
48. How can I obtain the quote history for a particular currency pair?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open MetaTrader 4,
  2. Click on the “Tools” menu
  3. Select “History Center”

If you cannot see the currency pairs in the menu please follow these steps:

  1. On the left-hand side, double-click on one of the options ”Fx Majors/Fx Minors/Fx Exotics/Fx Rub”
  2. Double-click the currency pair of your choice and the time frame you wish.
  3. To view the quote history for this pair, click “Download”. The historical data you selected should then be downloaded.
49. I cannot close an open position, what should I do?

You may close an open position over the telephone. All you have to do is head over to our Contact Us page and call the Modifying / Closing a Position landline to get in touch with our Dealing Desk. Our Dealing Desk can be reached 24 hours a day between Monday and Friday. For security purposes, before your request can be executed, you will be asked to give us your telephone password and trading platform login details to continue with closing your position.

50. How can I view my trading account history?

Please follow the steps below to display your trading account history:

  1. Open your MT4 or MT5 trading platform and login
  2. Look at the bottom of your screen for the “Terminal” window. If you cannot see it, press Ctrl+T on your keyboard and it will appear.
  3. Select “Account History” and right click the new window that pops up
  4. You can filter the data between “All History”, “Last Month” or “Last 3 Months”
  5. You can also select “Custom Period and enter the specific dates you want to view

You should now be able to see your account history according to the criteria you have selected.

51. How can I save my trading account history?

To save your trading account history please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your MT4 or MT5 trading platform
  2. Look at the bottom of your screen for the “Terminal” window. If you cannot see this, press Ctrl+T on your keyboard and it will appear. 
  3. Select the “Account History” tab and right click on the new window that pops up
  4. Select “Save as Report” or “Save as Detailed Report” and select where you wish to save your file
  5. Finally click “Save”.

Please note that your history will be saved as an .html file that can be viewed outside the trading platform.

You can open .html files in Windows by dragging the file into an internet browser window. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer should work for this purpose.

52. Why does my trade open on a negative value?
Any new position you open will automatically open on a negative value due to the spread being applied at the time of opening a trade.
53. What spreads do you offer?
To view full details regarding the spreads we offer, please visit our Contract Specifications page.
54. What is the smallest lot size you offer?
The minimum contract size for all the account types we offer is 0.01 of a lot (micro lot) i.e. 1,000 units of the base currency for currency pairs.
55. What is meant by “Volume” in the order window?

The “Volume” box indicates the size (in lots) of the position you want to open.

  • 1 lot is 100,000 units of the base currency (Standard Lot)
  • 0.1 lots is 10,000 units of the base currency (Mini Lot)
  • 0.01 lots is 1,000 units of the base currency (Micro Lot)

The base currency is the first currency shown in a currency pair. In USD/JPY for example, the base currency is USD. 1 lot of this currency pair is 100,000 USD.

56. Why doesn't my position close when I open an opposite trade of the same size and currency pair on MT4?

You are allowed to hedge on MT4, therefore opening an opposite trade to the one you have opened, will not close the open position. For such positions, the margin requirement is half the normal requirement.

If you wish to close an open position, you need to double click or right click and “Modify or Delete Order” on the trade you wish to close in the Trade tab in the Terminal window. The order window should then open and the yellow “Close” button should be visible. Click on this yellow bar, then click OK to confirm that you wish to close the position. 

57. How do I close an open position?

To close a position, please follow these steps:

  1. Right/double click on the trade you wish to close in the Terminal window (it can be found in the Trades tab)
  2. The order window should then open and the yellow “Close” button should be visible.
  3. Click on this yellow bar and then click OK to confirm that you wish to close the position.

The position should now be closed. Closed positions can be viewed in the Account History tab in the Terminal window.

58. Why do I get “Invalid parameters” when I try to place a trade?
Please ensure that you are selecting the correct Lot size, and the Stop Loss/Take Profit is being set correctly (correct number of pips off the Market Price).
59. How do I obtain a full chart history?

First we must enable chart auto-scroll:

  1. Right click on the chart and from the context menu select Properties
  2. Go to the Common tab
  3. Select the Chart auto scroll checkbox
  4. Click OK

Now follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools and select Options
  2. Navigate the Charts tab
  3. In the “Max bars in history” textbox press 9 and hold to max the number of bars available
  4. Finally click OK.

You can now press either the "PgUp" or left arrow key to see previous historical data available through your broker; when the chart stops scrolling, you will have obtained a full history from the server for that specific timeframe. Please note that for 1m chart this can take considerable time. For example, a 1m chart will go back approximately 10 weeks, which takes about 10 minutes or so.

60. What is the MetaEditor?
The MetaEditor can be used to edit and complete program source codes written in MetaQuotes language (MQL4). It can be used in the developing of Expert Advisors, custom indicators and scripts.
61. Can I save a second MT4 terminal to my computer?

Yes you can have unlimited MT4 terminals installed on your PC, however each one needs to be installed in a different location (folder).

When you download the MT4 platform, you may be asked where you want to save the file but normally it will automatically be saved to your Downloads folder. When the download is complete make sure to install it in a different folder than your previous copy.

To change the installation folder of MT4, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Downloads folder to find the installation file. If you do not remember or cannot find where the file is saved, please open the Downloads folder of your Browser. (Tools > Downloads) or download it again to a new location.
  2. Double click the file to open it.
  3. Click Run and allow the program to run if asked for further permissions.
  4. In the new window that appears, please tick the box “Yes, I agree with all terms of this license agreement” if you agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the window.
  5. Now click “Settings” (if you click “Next” by mistake, the installation will overwrite previous copies of MT4 in the default installation folder).
  6. You can now click “Browse…” to select a different installation folder for your new MT4 terminal.
  7. Select a folder where you would like to install MT4 or create new folder and click OK.
  8. In the Program Group field you can change the name of the folder as it appears in your Start menu “Programs” list. It is recommended to change this name in order to avoid confusion with previous installations.
  9. Finally click “Next” to start installing MT4
62. How do I install the MT4 platform?

First you must download the MT4 trading platform from the “Downloads” section from within MyFXTM. A window will appear with mt4setup.exe - please click on “Save file” to save the file on your PC and follow the instructions below:

  1. Double click the file to open it.
  2. Click Run and allow the program to run if asked for further permissions.
  3. In the new window that appears, please tick the box “Yes, I agree with all terms of this license agreement” if you agree with the terms and conditions outlined in the window.
  4. Now click “Settings” if you want to change the installation folder, otherwise click Next.
63. What are the live and demo MT4 account server addresses?

Once you open MetaTrader 4 for the first time, you will see a list of servers you can access. If the server address is manually entered, the list of servers will be sorted alphabetically (for example “ForexTime-Standard, not in the Settings when you next log in to MT4. In the event that your default server is unavailable, MT4 will automatically try to connect to another server.

For Pro.MT4 and Demo.Pro.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-Pro” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4pro.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4pro.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4pro.forextime.com:444

For Standard.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-Standard” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4standard.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4standard.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4standard.forextime.com:444

For ECN.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-ECN” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4ecn.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4ecn.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4ecn.forextime.com:444

For ECN-Zero.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-ECN-Zero” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4ecn-zero.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4ecn-zero.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4ecn-zero.forextime.com:444

For Cent.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-Cent” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4cent.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4cent.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4cent.forextime.com:444

For Demo.Standard.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-Standard-demo” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4standard-demo.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4standard-demo.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4standard-demo.forextime.com:444

For Demo.ECN.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-ECN-demo” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4ecn-demo.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4ecn-demo.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4ecn-demo.forextime.com:444

For Demo.ECN-Zero.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-ECN-Zero-demo” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4ecn-zero-demo.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4ecn-zero-demo.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4ecn-zero-demo.forextime.com:444

For Demo.Cent.MT4 accounts, you must select the “ForexTimeFXTM-Cent-demo” server. If it is not listed, try to manually enter one of the following server addresses:

  • dc1.mt4cent-demo.forextime.com
  • dc2.mt4cent-demo.forextime.com
  • dca1.mt4cent-demo.forextime.com:444

64. Is news available on your platform? If yes, who supplies this?
Yes, it is. Our news is supplied by FXStreet.
65. You offer the MetaTrader 5. Does this mean that MetaTrader 5 will be replacing MetaTrader 4 in the future?
No, MetaTrader 5 will not be replacing the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform; it is offered alongside MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 5 clients have access to its complete functionality and those who wish to continue using MetaTrader 4 can still do so.