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Policy changes

This account, now will increase the inflow of funds, the total amount is about 6000USD, please pay attention to the account funds copying, thank you for your cooperation.

Policy changes

This account, now will increase the inflow of funds, the total amount is about 6000USD, please pay attention to the account funds copying, thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Investor

On March 28, 2023, a new strategy was adopted, with a focus on stability, a new strategy, a new EA, and a new start.

No trading Days

Under big news event hours or Days no trades ..Don't worry

Pay attention to risk and stop loss

Long-term execution system transaction

Greetings Investors!

Greetings my fellow investors and a very warm regards to you all for trusting my strategy . After 5 solid months of consistent profitable trading months we had, this month has been very difficult in the forex markets with much unexpected volatilities amidst all these economic turmoil on going currently. The markets have seen major shake ups recently and this has affected the performance. But i will like to assure you all that we will end this month on a good note. Keep the faith and stick and stay as we sail through this month and the coming months we have ahead of us. To your success FXPROFITS

Copy trading operating notes

hello. Thank you for participating as doodoowul2 copy trading follower. 1. In copy trading, the manager fee is paid once a month unless there is a mid-term withdrawal. 2. Copy trading is invested in the ratio of the strategic manager's operating funds to the followers' operating funds. 3. The follower's investment amount is adjusted with the newly evaluated investment amount after the manager's fee is paid once a month. 4. Since this strategy account is open 24 hours a day, it is recommended to execute the withdrawal by figuring out when the minimum lot is in progress when making a mid-term withdrawal. 5. If you do not make a mid-term withdrawal and invest for a long time, your investment will have a monthly compounding effect and you may get more profit. 6. The fee paid to the manager is applied at the rate applied at the time of registration, and when re-registering, the rate at the time of re-registration is applied, and is expected to increase up to 30% in the future.

Long-term tracking effect is better

The system pays attention to the release time of big data, making profits most of the time, and sometimes stopping loss. Please follow the order investors, accept the system stop loss, and follow the order for at least 2 or 3 months. Long-term tracking effect is better.

GE Strategy

GE strategy, leapfrog 2023.

Please pay attention to it for a long time!

Please pay attention to it for a long time! I won't let you down. Manual control+EA operation, the ECN account with a commission of $5 per hand and a zero point difference, the lower the cost, the better the effect. The system is concerned about big data re-operation, multi-currency trading, and only deals with high success rate. It is necessary to clear the position every day, without overnight risk, and occasionally stops the loss. Most of them may make profits of $10-50 per day.

EUR/USD killer Only Euro and USD, EAmanual control

EUR/USD killer Only Euro and USD, EA+manual control, only 18pm to 0pm, daily clearance, reduce risk. The income is relatively stable, and investors can view the monthly income statement. There are documentary investors who hope to follow orders for more than 3 months, which can better reflect the stability of the system.


Our goal is to see everyone succeeds in forex market which is why we decided to slash our profit share down to 20% and let the investor keep the rest, we aim for long term and that is what this strategy is built upon.

Instruments Changed.

ND100m(obsoleted) is replaced with NQ100_m.

Investment priority strategy

Ensuring the safety of principal is an important condition for investment,

Instruments Added. XAUUSD, ND100m, NatGas

existing items : EURUSD, JPYUSD only. from 2022.11.21~2023.02.08 Added instruments : XAUUSD (Gold ), ND100m(NASDAQ), NatGas . purposes : Revenue stabilization. As a result of the forwarding test in our other account, it is possible to achieve better profit stability.


Dear Investor, my view on US dollar index now up side only. DOLLAR INDEX go up, upto 104.80-105.50 price range. 1. my view on gold down upto 1850-1820 2. my view on EURUSD go down upto 1.054-1.045 3. my view on ALL JPY(EURJPY,GBPJPY,AUDJPY,NZDJPY,CHFJPY) pair go down except USDJPY

86% profit after 9 months!

EAs are performing better than the guide I placed. Was expecting 5-6 % but they are actually coming in around 8-9% a month. Thats a great return and so should hit 100% profit by end of February at this rate. The EAs are off now till the New Year as the holiday period is always a bit volatile with big swings. I will turn them on again on the 3rd January. Hope all my investors have a great Xmas break and a very prosperous New Year! Keep it nice and steady!

Season's greeting!

Hello investors and its been an exciting journey this year as we started . Will like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an exciting new year. I will keep improving on my trading to produce nothing but the best result in the coming year. Cheers to success in the coming year!

Apologies to my Investors

Hi, Apologies for this week. The VPS provider that I use to run the EA's went down whilst trades were active and it took them 24 hours to recover and so I could get access again. Whilst this wouldn't normally matter, it coincided with the US news day and gold taking a 2% dive in a matter of hours. Therefore the orphaned active trades went into a large loss. I have spent the last two days recovering the EAs and the losses and the final outcome is a 4% loss from Monday's close. That should hopefully be made up in the next week or 2. Again apologises for this and thanks to those investors who stayed in whilst I recovered the losses. I will still provide my 3 month update at the end of December

50% Profit after 6 months

Wow, never expected to get to 50% so quickly. Initial aim was 4-5% per month but averaging around 7%. Drawdown has been minimal, 2-3% and even then the drawdown only last for a day or two. Many thanks to those investors that have join me on the journey over the past 3 months. It is really appreciated. So onto the next 3 month in the run up to Xmas, lets hope for more of the same. Keep it nice and steady!

September 19, 2022 to September 23, 2022.

TRADEMaster Watch Weekly from September 19, 2022 to September 23, 2022. Hello investors, Let's sort out the highlights of the observations from September 19, 2022 to September 23, 2022: 1. Observe whether the euro against the dollar continues to weaken? Or continue to have a chance to stand at 1.00000? 2. Observe whether USDJPY continues to move strongly towards 150? Or fall back to between 130 and 140? 3. Observe whether the generally weak EUR continues to weaken? 4. Observe whether the generally strong USD continues to strengthen? 5. Will the generally weak JPY continue to weaken? 6. Observe the war between Ukraine and Russia? See if war-induced inflation is contained? Or worsens? 7. From September 12, 2022 to September 16, 2022, Ranking of the observed strengths of the three major currencies Last week: USdollar, the strongest euro, medium Japanese yen, the weakest

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Advertencia de riesgos: El trading supone riesgos. Tu capital está en riesgo. Exinity Limited está regulada por FSC (Mauricio).