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Appropriateness Assessment

The Appropriateness Assessment is a short questionnaire which will give us an understanding of your experience in the financial markets and your knowledge of the risks involved. The Assessment ensures that you are given access to the leverage, products and services you are most suited for.

The Appropriateness Assessment is necessary in order to open a trading account and to ensure that we limit your exposure to risks through leverage.

You can retake the assessment a few weeks after your previous attempt.

The lowest you can receive is 1:25. However you can request leverage up to 1:10 or even 1:1 if you wish to do so.

FXTM offers a variety of fixed leverage rates depending on the trading instrument, up to a maximum of 1:30. For more information please click here

Our educational section offers a variety of educational material that can help you get a better understanding of Forex and CFD products, as well as the risks involved in trading.

If your current leverage is equal to, or above, your Strategy Manager’s leverage, your account will continue to operate normally.

If your leverage is at least 50% of your Strategy manager’s, you can continue operating in Safe Mode - meaning that your investments will be reduced by approximately half as much as those of your Manager.

If your leverage is less than 50% of your Strategy Manager’s, your account will be closed. You will have the option to re-take the Assessment test once you have built up your knowledge to a level sufficient to follow accounts of that size in the future.

If your investment account was put on pause due to a pending completion of the Appropriateness Assessment, you will need to activate it manually.

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Risk warning: This page is not intended for Retail clients. You should satisfy Professional client criteria before continuing. https://www.forextime.com/eu/trading-accounts/trade-as-professional-client