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Making a Withdrawal

  1. Go the Withdraw page within the ‘My Money’ section in MyFXTM.
  2. Select the payment method and click ‘Withdraw’.
  3. Select the MyFXTM account or wallet you wish to withdraw funds from and complete the necessary fields.
  4. Select a reason for withdrawal and click 'Submit.'

Watch our step-by-step guides on how to withdraw in our How to videos.

Please note that in order to request a withdrawal your profile must be fully verified.

Withdrawals must be made in proportion to the deposits according to the payment method used.

Your withdrawals must be transferred to the same card, e-wallet, bank account used for deposit.


Initial deposit – 600 USD – Credit Card *3333

2nd deposit – 300 USD – Skrill

Total deposited: 900 USD

Initial withdrawal – 200 USD – must be made using Credit Card *3333

2nd withdrawal - 500 USD – 400 USD must be withdrawn using Credit Card *3333 and 100 USD must be withdrawn using Skrill.

Total withdrawn: 700 USD

Please note that in some cases, Credit Card withdrawals can only be made within 12months of the initial deposit.

All withdrawal requests are processed by our Back Office Department within the same business day , however the time required for the funds to be transferred to your account will depend on the payment method used.

- Bank Wires: Between 3- 5 business days.  
- Credit/debit cards: Between 3 – 10 business days.
- E – wallets: Within 1 business day.

You will need to email us an official document from the card issuer stating that the card was cancelled or lost and we will then inform you on how to proceed.

Yes, provided that you have sufficient free margin on your account to cover the withdrawal and any extra fees that may occur.

You can calculate your free margin here.

If this is your first withdrawal, you should ensure that the withdrawal is made to the same card used to make your initial deposit. 

If your e-wallet has already been verified, your withdrawal will be processed automatically.

If you are withdrawing using WebMoney, please follow the steps here.

In order to withdraw you will need to verify your bank account by uploading bank statement showing:

- Account holder’s name (this should match the name used during registration).
- Account number.

If this is your first withdrawal, you should ensure that the withdrawal payment is made to the same bank account used to make your initial deposit. 

You will also need to provide the following via upload or email:

- Bank name
- Bank account number
- Province and City
- Your name (this should be written in Chinese characters)

You can cancel your request in MyFXTM in the ‘Transaction History’ tab under the ‘My Money’ section by clicking ‘Cancel’.

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