Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).
Risk warning: Trading is risky. Your capital is at risk. Exinity Limited is regulated by FSC (Mauritius).

The FXTM Mountain Expedition – Live Trading Contest

Climb. Compete. Win.

Triumph in FXTM’s latest live trading contest with traders from all around the world! The 10 traders who climb their way to the top – by having the highest trading profit percentage – walk away with REAL CASH prizes from a $100000 Prize Pool.

Contest Details

Registration dates: 26.09.2016 – 04.11.2016
Contest Period: 17.10.2016 – 04.11.2016
Prizes: $100,000 prize pool

Compete with Exclusive New Features. 

•    Special bonuses* have been designed to boost profit percentage and help traders get closer to the peak (please see table below). 
•    Share the contest’s banner on Facebook to increase profit % 
•    Option to re-enter the expedition as many times as the contestant likes.
•    Participants can track theirs and their closest competitors’ progress in an exclusive panel in MyFXTM

Bonus Levels

LevelProfit %Bonus*
1300Double your most profitable closed order
2700Remove your most negative closed order
31500Remove all negative swaps
45000Triple your most profitable order
515000Remove the 3 most negative closed orders

Prize Pool: USD $100,000:

PlaceCash Prize*
1st Place$50,000
2nd Place$20,000
3rd Place$10,000
4th Place$7,000
5th Place$5,000
6th Place$3,000
7th Place$2,000
8th Place$1,500
9th Place$1,000
10th Place$500

Contest result table

1SyamIndonesia39154.17 %
2XieFenChina30730.53 %
3yianChina29517.95 %
4SaimPakistan28595.87 %
5mdMalaysia23241.91 %
6CuongLeViet nam16624.84 %
7Vay1982Viet nam12036.98 %
8BichphuongViet nam11474.73 %
9KykyViet nam10572.09 %
10FXTTViet nam2042.24 %
376floCanada416.03 %
19KimLienNgViet nam274.16 %
17VietLienViet nam118.88 %
36supergirlChina113.15 %
437zahidhussainPakistan86.84 %
70Xuong12Viet nam77.36 %
606He88China71.06 %
626deeNigeria69.45 %
2XieFenChina68.35 %
3yianChina50.51 %
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