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Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.

Trading Signal Providers

FXTM’s Copy Trading service is an ideal opportunity for experienced traders to profit by connecting their strategies with investors across the world. Gain recognition for your skills and become a trading signal provider!

Our Copy Trading service allows traders with the expertise and knowledge to earn extra income without any additional effort while establishing their presence in the industry.

Broadcast your trading signals to traders across the world while you gain profit from signal subscriptions. The registration process is simple – add a signal and set a subscription fee!

Become a Trading Signal Provider

Top 5 Trading Signal Providers

Signal NameSubscription FeeSubscribersGrowthWeeksTradesWinProfit FactorMax DD
Joker100.00 USD25711332%221451970%2.0036%
LidziyaForex25.00 USD1514044%1046597%17.0057%
TelePort20.00 USD1322090%5281485%5.0017%
Blitzkrieg29.99 USD91773%52374268%1.0016%
Magic profits20.00 USD831905%162306680%3.0016%


  • Quick and reliable service
  • Monthly compensation from subscriptions
  • Become a member of a worldwide trading community
  • Your signals will be available to thousands of traders
  • Showcase your talent
  • Gain recognition for your skills

Become a Trading Signal Provider in 4 simple steps:


Register with FXTM and wait for approval


Join our Copy Trading service as a Trading Signal Provider


Set a subscription fee


Trade as usual

FXTM does not charge additional fees for Trading Signal Subscribers.

The subscription fee is the only payment which is made to the Trading Signal Provider as a weekly or monthly recurring fee. The minimum fee is set at 20 units. The Trading Signal Provider shall receive the payment excluding 20% commission which is retained by the Signals service.

Join as a Trading Signal Provider and get rewards for every subscription.