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Become a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest

Get rewarded for your success by allowing other traders to follow your strategies.

Trading is risky.

Share your successful trading strategies to earn more as other traders copy you.

Lead the way as a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest, our copy trading program. This gives you the chance to earn additional profits with every successful trade, on top of the ones you're already making.

When other traders (investors) start to follow your Strategy Manager account, you'll receive a share of their portion of the profits, all the way up to 30%.

Why become a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest?

Typically zero spreads on major FX Pairs

Boost your earnings

Earn a share of your followers' profits, all the way up to 30%.

Globally regulated & licensed

Build your following

The more your following grows, the greater the profits you stand to earn.

Ultimate transparency

The best of both worlds

You can become a Strategy Manager as well as hold a personal retail account.

Secure & Safe

Great pricing and value

Open an Advantage account to get the best pricing and even better returns.

How to become a Strategy Manager

What is FXTM Invest?

Learn more about it with this short video. You'll get up to speed in no time. Remember to reach out if there's anything you aren't quite clear on when it comes to becoming a Strategy Manager yourself.

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A sense of unease lingered in the air on Wednesday as recession fears, jitters around soaring inflation, and concerns about aggressive monetary tightening left investors on edge.


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FXTM Invest is a copy trading program that allows busy or more inexperienced traders (known as investors) the opportunity to automatically follow and copy the strategies of more knowledgeable traders (known as Strategy Managers).

A Strategy Manager allows other traders to follow them and automatically copy their strategies. They'll receive a percentage of their followers' profits on successful trades. The more followers a Strategy Manager has, the more they can earn.

Start by opening an Advantage MT4 or Advantage plus MT4 account as a Strategy Manager. Once you've made your minimum deposit, start trading and sharing your results on your social media channels to encourage other traders to follow your lead.

It helps if you already have market knowledge and are confident in your trading strategies. It's also important to research and monitor the markets frequently, giving you a greater chance of potential success.

  • Strategy Manager on Advantage Plus MT4 : 1000 USD/EUR/GBP
  • Strategy Manager on Advantage MT4: 1000 USD/EUR/GBP

This page shows the most successful Strategy Managers in the FXTM Invest community. It is updated automatically and offers insights into your performance and trading statistics. Currently, you can find it in MyFXTM within the 'FXTM Invest' section.

It entirely depends on the markets traded, the amount of capital invested and position sizes. As a Strategy Manager, you'll earn commissions of up to 30% on your followers' profits.

No. You'll have one execution price for all of your copied trades with no hidden fees. All other costs (e.g., spreads) remain the same as if you were trading privately.