European Central Bank
ECB decision: What you need to know
21 JUL clock 12:39

ECB Decision: What you need to know

Investors and traders worldwide are keenly anticipating the European Central Bank’s policy announcements today. Here are some major points to look out for:  
Markets shaky
19 JUL clock 11:05

Markets shaky ahead of ECB meeting

A sense of caution has taken hold of financial markets as investors adopt a guarded stance ahead of another week packed with key economic reports and risk events.
USD/JPY hits 20-year highs
07 JUN clock 11:39

USD/JPY hits fresh 20-year highs

JPY pressure is intense at the moment. 10-year US Treasury yields have moved above 3% and as long as those yields are rushing higher, momentum is bullish in USD/JPY. The BoJ continues to view the weak yen as mainly positive.
Week Ahead: EURUSD to contend with ECB policy clues, US inflation
03 JUN clock 13:25

Week Ahead: EURUSD to react to ECB policy clues, US inflation

EURUSD is set to face two major catalysts in the coming week that could whether whether the world’s most popularly-traded currency pair could launch higher past its 50-day moving average and reclaim the 1.09 mark.
ECB building
15 JUL clock 10:33

Week Ahead: Euro Volatility To Intensify Ahead Of ECB?

Everybody was talking about the euro after the currency hit its lowest level in nearly two decades, flirting with parity amid the widening policy divergence between the Fed and ECB.