Bond Yields
Markets crash
14 JUN clock 10:40

Markets crippled by inflation fears

Another wave of risk aversion engulfed markets this morning after Wall Street closed in a bear market overnight...
Gold bars
20 JUN clock 15:22

Trade Of The Week: Gold Waits For Another Directional Catalyst…

After the explosive price action last week, gold kicked off Monday on a calmer note.
Dollar, note, fist
16 MAY clock 16:36

Trade Of The Week: Is The Dollar’s Advance Unstoppable?

The mighty dollar kicked off the week in a shaky fashion despite crossing above 105.0 last Friday, its highest level since December 2002!
Why is the Yen so weak?
21 APR clock 16:32

Why is the Yen so weak?

Two words: policy divergence (read on to find out more). But first, let's take a look at just how dismal the Yen's performance has been so far in 2022. The Japanese Yen is now trading around a 20-year low against the US dollar.