14 MAY clock 15:15

FXTM’s Soybean: On breakout watch

After bouncing within a weekly range since mid-January, FXTM’s new Soybean commodity could be on the brink of a major breakout!
Cocoa & Dollar
16 APR clock 11:47

New FXTM commodity hits all-time high!

This week, FXTM launched 10 new commodities! And Cocoa has certainly hijacked our attention, jumping to a fresh all-time high on Monday.
Generic chart
25 OCT clock 12:54

Mid-Week Technical Outlook: Commodities & Indices

Given the ongoing geopolitical risks and slew of corporate earnings this week, our focus falls on commodities & indices.
2023 outlook
03 JAN clock 07:53

2023 Outlook: Is the worst behind us?

As we emerge out of a rough year dominated by soaring inflation, slowing global growth, heightened geopolitical risks and Covid-19, the early part of 2023 looks like it could be more of the same story.
soybeans donuts and coffee beans
17 MAY clock 12:16

Nine commodities you might not know you can trade

The exciting world of trading isn't limited to forex, stocks, and precious metals. There are several other commodities available that offer unique trading opportunities. Meet the soft commodities.