NETH25 index chasing new record highs!
26 MAR clock 10:02

NETH25 index chasing new record highs!

FXTM's brand-new stock index is climbing faster than Gold and even US stock indices so far this year. Discover why, and how much higher it could go.
18 MAR clock 14:27

Trade Of The Week: EURCHF to challenge major resistance?

Our focus falls on the EURCHF which could be rocked by the EU data dump and Swiss National Bank (SNB) rate decision this week.
26 FEB clock 13:37

Trade Of The Week: EURNZD to keep above key support?

After practically erasing its 2024 gains last week, the EURNZD kicked off Monday with renewed bullish force!
Why isn't EURUSD below parity ... yet?
26 JUN clock 11:40

Trade of the Week: EURUSD to suffer another inflation scare?

EURUSD typically sees 38% larger 1-day move on European inflation release days.
09 JUN clock 13:09

Week Ahead: EURUSD Braces For Fed-ECB Combo

This period of market calm could come to an abrupt end next week. A long list of high-risk events is likely to see volatility return with a vengeance and keep investors well-occupied.