Federal Reserve
25 JUL clock 15:38

Trade Of The Week: Can Fed Satisfy Dollar Bulls?

The phrase “what goes up must eventually come down” springs to mind when looking at the dollar’s performance over the last few days.
Week Ahead: Lower dollar if Fed surprises with “smaller” 50bps hike
22 JUL clock 10:02

Week Ahead: Lower dollar if Fed surprises with “smaller” 50bps hike

Are you ready for yet another jumbo-sized Fed rate hike?
27 JUN clock 15:29

Trade Of The Week: Will Central Bank Heavyweights Spark EURUSD Breakout?

Investors will be served a tantalizing combination of key economic reports and speeches from policymakers this week. However, the main course and potential market shaker could be the ECB’s three-day forum in Portugal’s Sintra which kicks off today.
Green markets
21 JUN clock 10:40

Markets stablise as global sentiment improves

A sense of normality seems to be returning to financial markets after the brutal selloff in global shares last week
15 JUN clock 14:52

Mid-Week Technical Outlook: G10 Currencies Under The Spotlight

The past few days have been incredibly eventful for global markets as concerns over soaring inflation and slowing economic growth sparked explosive levels of volatility!