It could be a return to instability if the Greek issues rear there ugly head again. Recent reports out of Brussels over the Greeks and their handling of debt has been slightly worrisome, and markets are a little on edge over the discussions. Currently Greece needs another tranche in June in order to prop up its finances, and so far it has been working hard with some protest. But markets have not forgotten the previous ordeal when Greece almost collapse, and the turmoil it can cause on European markets. Certainly, the IMF and the EU will be looking to make sure they don't see a repeat of that and a resulting downturn in the Euro-zone, but it's always worth watching the Greek drama unfold with both eyes open as markets can be quite volatile. This has been reflective of the EURUSD which has had some large swings today on the back of rumours on Greece.

The question now for traders is if this Greek tragedy is over and the Euro can fly higher. So far it looks good for traders with a strong level of resistance likely to rear its head soon at 1.1298. The band between that level and 1.1366 will set the tone I feel for further bullish movements if there are more in store. Even if we did see a strong pull back at this level there is a bullish trend line at play in the market which is likely to add a strong layer of support which can't be ignored by any technical trader out there. I would also be quick to watch the 20 day moving average, as it managed to safe guard against some bearish movements a few weeks back and could come into play again if we do see a bounce back to earth at 1.1298.

Oil markets have also been showing great resolve recently as the bulls look to take control once again. This in part has been led by Iraq looking to extend its oil production cut by another 9 months in order to control prices. The market believes it is a done deal as it's the same as agreed originally back in December to help boost prices. However, with shale oil producers being more aggressive than ever it will be hard to tell if we will see prices look to drift into the high 60s anytime soon. Certainly not so until we see large drawdown's on current oil inventories.

On the charts it's clear that Oil is looking to rush up, but has been pushed back down by the bears at the 100 day moving average which has acted as resistance. It will be interesting to see if oil can break through resistance at 51.48 or if it will instead run out of steam and go one to retest support levels and the 20 day moving average. 

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