Bullish oil
29 MAR clock 11:56

Week Ahead: Oil primed for more upside?

Despite the holiday shortened week ahead for UK and European markets, the second quarter of 2024 could kick off with a bang.
Brent oil gloves
10 JAN clock 13:46

Mid-Week Technical Outlook: Oil waits for fundamental spark

It has been a choppy affair for oil prices thanks to a combination of fundamental forces.
Oil up
09 OCT clock 13:15

Trade Of The Week: Oil surges on Middle East tensions

Brent initially soared more than 5%, recovering a chunk of last week's hefty losses on fears that Hama’s surprise attack on Israel may deepen tensions across the Middle East.
Are Oil Bulls Unstoppable?
08 MAR clock 22:29

Are Oil Bulls Unstoppable?

Oil prices have hijacked the financial market headlines by surging to levels not seen since 2008.