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Week Ahead: Will Fed, SNB further roil USDCHF?
07 AUG clock 13:07

Trade of the Week: USDCHF to see 55% more volatility?

Here are five Franc facts that may surprise you!
Recap: Fed, SNB, BOE decisions
23 MAR clock 14:45

Recap: FX market reactions to BOE, SNB, Fed decisions

This week’s highly-awaited major central bank decisions have come and gone.
Week Ahead: USDCHF to fall on recession fears?
01 JUL clock 10:18

Week Ahead: USDCHF to fall on US recession fears?

Market chaos reigned throughout the first half of 2022. Bond yields, oil prices and the US dollar soared to levels not seen in over a decade, while the S&P