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Yen keeps posting flags through ascent
20 DEC clock 12:46

Why is the Japanese Yen soaring?

In our latest Week Ahead article (posted on Fridays), we posed the question:
USD/JPY hits 20-year highs
07 JUN clock 11:39

USD/JPY hits fresh 20-year highs

JPY pressure is intense at the moment. 10-year US Treasury yields have moved above 3% and as long as those yields are rushing higher, momentum is bullish in USD/JPY. The BoJ continues to view the weak yen as mainly positive.
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JPY pairs stable after BoJ bombshell

Major currencies are little changed for the most part as the yen takes a breather after its central bank dropped a festive bombshell on markets yesterday.
3 potential opportunities in Q3
30 JUN clock 14:05

3 potential opportunities in Q3

For Q3, investors and traders worldwide are set to continue obsessing about similar themes that have rocked markets so far in 2022:
JPy Japanese Yen cash notes
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Week Ahead: Can USDJPY hit fresh 20-year high above 130?

Shifting expectations for the next policy moves by major central banks remain a key theme across global financial markets, as investors and traders digest these major data releases and events in the week ahead: Monday, April 25