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PREVIEW: OPEC+ could rock oil markets today

05 Oct 09.15

PREVIEW: OPEC+ could rock oil markets today

OPEC+ will be holding an in-person meeting in Vienna today, and is set to announce a major decision that’s likely to reverberate across global oil markets. Given the forward-looking nature of markets, oil benchmarks have climbed over the past week in anticipation of today’s keenly-awaited meeting.

Green markets

04 Oct 02.56

Global Sentiment Improves But Caution Lingers

European markets flashed green on Tuesday, building on the previous session’s strong start to the final quarter of the year.

g10 Currencies
21 SEP clock 15:37

Mid-Week Technical Outlook: G10 Currencies

A wave of risk aversion whacked financial markets on Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization over Ukraine and warned the West over ‘nuclear blackmail'.
20 SEP clock 14:22

Markets Cautious Ahead Of Fed Meeting

European shares edged cautiously higher on Tuesday as investors braced for a busy trading week, jampacked with central bank decisions and headlined by the U.S Federal Reserve.
Trade of the Week: GBPUSD to sink further?
19 SEP clock 16:16

Trade of the Week: GBPUSD to sink further?

GBPUSD has entered this trading week at its weakest levels since 1985!
Week Ahead: Fed to fan red-hot US dollar?
16 SEP clock 09:59

Week Ahead: Fed to fan red-hot US dollar?

The coming week will feature central bank decisions galore!
Why is gold back below $1700?
15 SEP clock 14:58

Why is gold back below $1700?

Spot gold is currently trading below the psychologically-important $1700 level, and is on course towards revisiting the lows seen in mid-June.


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