Save Money & Invest Wisely

Many of us rely on a coffee to get us going in the morning. There’s certainly a demand for it, and millions of people seem more than happy to pay for the convenience, but buying a coffee from your local coffee shop every morning can seriously add up. Let’s say you buy an Americano for £2.50 every working day – that’s £12.50 every week – almost £55.00 every month – and a massive £650.00 every year!

At FXTM, we are incredibly passionate about ensuring people get the best value for their investments, and this realization about coffee got us thinking. How much are we spending on luxury items and services every year, and how much could we potentially save if we didn’t? Prices of these goods, services and experiences can seem relatively insignificant at the time, but when you add it all up, it can be quite frightening. 

In our infographic below, we have visualized how much many of you are potentially spending on daily goods such as a takeaway coffee, weekly outings such as eating out or having a couple of beers at the weekend, and monthly expenditures such as treating yourself to some new clothes or subscribing to media services such as Netflix or Sky.

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