Suapan Berita Pengurus Strategi

Jika anda masih cuba membuat keputusan tentang Pengurus Strategi yang paling sesuai dengan matlamat pelaburan dan personaliti dagangan anda, anda berada di tempat yang betul. Di sini anda boleh mengikuti berita, kemas kini dan perkembangan terkini secara terus daripada Pengurus Strategi.

Ingin meneroka Pengurus tertentu jika anda suka tentang berita mereka? Hanya klik pada profil mereka untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang strategi mereka, tahap risiko dan banyak lagi!


Ongoing review

After review of the current situation and the beneficial progress I am including the following pairs into the trading regime: NZD - USD AUD - NZD EUR - NZD GBP - NZD

Ongoing review

After review of the current situation and the beneficial progress I am including the following pairs into the trading regime: NZD - USD AUD - NZD EUR - NZD GBP - NZD

Review adjustments

USD - JPY is not performing as well as anticipated. Is being replaced with the current pairs: GBP - USD EUR - AUD EUR - GBP GBP - AUD Using 4 is simply an account ramp-up. A note: i am also watching USD - CHF it is proving to be somewhat troublesome. A review in around a months time will reveal if this pair stays within the EA bots program

Some about loss and profit

Aside from the loss I had in my account in the last months, it has been a good month so far., with some good profits. If your view is for the long run you should maintain your position for the time being.

Welcome to the investors

2.81% done , next step 3% but carefully !

Correct understanding of trading strategy

There is no guarantee that you will have to make money this week or this month. Trading is a long practice and will not achieve your goal in a short time. If there is, it is a bet on all your luck. You can hear complaints about short-term effects in the market at any time. Of course, garbage strategies are not ruled out. However, even qualified strategies have to experience these short-term shocks and twists. Therefore, we must be able to screen qualified ones and then accept those twists and turns. I think the qualified yield curve is like an ascending candlestick trend. It goes through a cycle of rise (profit), callback (retracement), rise again (profit), and callback (retracement). It is not what retail investors believe to be making money all the time, back-testing to see history, testing to compare data characteristics, calculating reasonable risk control positions, meeting the standards, and then using.

Level two

DEAL! I am pining for you

What I want to say.

I want to say thank you for believing and following me. Joining Makes me feel like this is a family. It gives me more joy to really focus and do all the work for you. I am really saying thank you . If only I could hold your hand and looking into your eyes and really say thank you. Perhaps, others out there could be impressed with the results, don't invest with me now. First, make time to check out the work done and other facts that are on this page, then you can now invest.

Need to be enlightened

Let's get to work! Draw High and low points, calculate stop loss, position, wait for signal, check signal, open position, wait for money...

25% Growth in 9 trading days!!

Hi Everyone, This account has been running a total of 9 business days now and we are just shy of 25% growth. This is superb way to start off the week. Hope we can get some new participators to join. Lets hope for a profitable week and continued growth. Happy trading everyone!

The trade at this week we kept safe from aud news

The trade at this week is very very slow. To keep up with drawdown period. we avoiding AUD and CNY News that almost happened all day during trading hour AUD is comodity curency, and CNY is getting stronger effect in almost like USD with the Threat of China Sea War But we could see, last two days when there are not AUD and CNY news, we going back trade with our implemented "anti slippage strategy" We had 2 same trade with half lot each. Its working better with another Feeds from other LP that we could see already in new high We only need 2-3 free trade day without AUD and CNY news to be on HIGH WATER MARK / NEW HIGH And the better upgrade is next week, we could even had closed the trade periodictly divide by 2-4 dividing, so the slippage would be more lower. And we could see AUD and CNY red news is almost free everyday in next week at our trading hour. So, we will see more trades and well managed performance with our new algo strategy. See you in new High water mark nex

15% Growth in 10 days!!

We've had excellent solid growth for 10 days now. Stable night trades and ok trades on breakout. hopefully the markets continue to bless us. I hope all of you can join and participate.

August end

Finished August with a healthy 11+ % of capital increase. The drawdown continues to be at close to 7% which is a good sign. GBPUSD remains the instrument that provides the most opportunity. Along with that the pair is something I understand nicely. The self created EA I use has been modified to provide signals on Gold as well. We will branch towards additional instruments in future. Although the signals are generated automated, the trades are opened manually, looking at the market conditions fundamentally. Any high volatility event that can potentially cause huge fluctuations are avoided altogether. Welcoming the new investors and hope we can ride into the storm together. Cheers!

10% Growth this week.

We've grown 10% this week with a fantastic open on monday capturing 77pips. Look forward to future trades and I hope everyone had a good weekend.

I decided to hold a 5% profit

I decided to hold a 5% profit sharing event for the month of August. Also, I will open a new strategy account in September. We look forward to your participation.

advice of investment

withdraw the profit is better than all in .

Hold for at least 1 month to see the result

Dear investors, If you get the loss in the first one or two days or even first week. It's normal because the time you invest is the end of the last breakout and beginning of the new positions. Therefore, you should expected some floating loss. So please keep your invest for at least one month to see the result. Hope all the best with you, Thanks

Good News ! GOLD and BTC

Good News ! GOLD and BTC We Just finished the latest market condition Walk Forward Analytic and Optimization for XAU/USD and BTC/USD We back commence trading in GOLD on master Coiper low risk and BTC on risk 3 PAMM Both with very-very small risk Our risk 3 account we using 0.01 lot so does the normal risk, 0.01 lot Tiny isnt it :D No worry for other copier about the risk management, Stoploss is setup always with the latest support and resistance That been calculated on lower timeframe and dailly SnR plus Price Pivot with those very low risk, and tight SL, it would be fundamentally reading on curent market condition before we back using normal risk on those comodities and crypto Stay tune for more longer PIPS eater of our algorythm. Keep Pumping PIPS!!


WE JUST BREAK OUR NEW HIGH WATERMARK Another new high for All time. Happy profits, Happy Trading Happy Weekend

Not Non-farm payroll but Non-farm Productivity.

The Non-farm Productivity is always released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US . The report shows the output per Hour of labor worked. Non-farm Productivity indicates the overall business health in the US, which has an influence on GDP. A high reading is positive for the USD, while a low reading is negative. This is what I will be waiting for today.

Timeframe for Investing

Recommendation: we recommend investing in our system for at least 1 (one) month.

Tiada rekod yang sepadan

Prestasi lepas tidak menjamin pulangan yang akan datang. Berdagang adalah berisiko.

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Amaran risiko: Berdagang adalah berisiko. Modal anda berhadapan risiko. Exinity Limited dikawal selia oleh FSC (Mauritius).
Amaran risiko: Berdagang adalah berisiko. Modal anda berhadapan risiko. Exinity Limited dikawal selia oleh FSC (Mauritius).