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By Strategy manager
Trades Update
I was waiting gold to form swing from its bottom (1238). I did and went long which later we’ve dodged by that failed signal and stopped out by losing only 4%. Risk reward ratio for that trade was very good the target was 20% from that trade. Importance of stop loss and not to lose money is if we didn’t stop out than we could face 25% drawdown. So if you are not losing it means you will win later. Risk management, patience and discipline are the key factors for the successful trading. This trading system based on quality of trades not quantity of trades giving priority on risk management by not losing 2-4% per trade. Therefore it has very low drawdown. We are very close to another trading opportunity with very good risk reward ratio. Once again let me remind you trading are a risky business so always place protection level. Stay tune for more updates and thanks forextime for the wonderful platform for both strategy managers and investors
By Strategy manager
Trading Strategy
First of all Congratulations to all the investors we had a wonderful month of june. Let me give you brief explanation of my trading strategy. I always try to pick bottom and top by using different indicators and tools then ride the trend with very tight stop loss. The trading strategy focus on quality of trades not quantity of trades as we know one or two trades can give handsome profits if one can pick top or bottom. The idea is to preserve the capital and looking for better opportunity where risk reward ratio is good. As we all know trading is a high risky business so always use protection level.
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Total Trading Days64
Profitable Days26
Average Daily Win+21.63%
Unprofitable Days6
Average Daily Loss-2.87%
Average Daily Rate +88.36 %


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