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Forex VPS

All about VPS trading - and why this tool can take your trading to the next level.

By joining forces with leading third-party service providers, eligible clients can host their virtual PCs on our cloud servers, using PCs and mobile devices with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Why our traders love VPS trading

Typically zero spreads on major FX


Choose from over 250 financial instruments including 60 FX pairs, indices, shares and more

Globally regulated & licensed


Because every second counts - an outstanding operational time of 99.9%



Runs 24/7, with the opportunity to react to market events in a millisecond.

Secure & Safe


Reduce the detrimental risk of computer viruses, connections failures and power cuts to your trades

A Virtual Private Server (VPS for short) offers a host of benefits and is popular with many forex traders. Put simply, a VPS works independently - just as a real computer does. It can be tailored to your individual needs and offers both security and flexibility.

A VPS is permanently connected to the internet, which provides a safer and more stable trading environment – especially helpful during periods of market volatility when you might not have time to take action yourself.

How eligible clients can start using VPS trading

MT4 - the perfect companion to VPS trading

Free to download, with everything you need to analyse the markets and manage your trades.


There’s a whole host of benefits to using a VPS for automated trading, like your continuous internet connection and even faster execution speed. Some VPS services are extremely powerful, offering significantly higher CPU and Ram speeds – meaning you can react to market events in a millisecond.

MetaTrader doesn’t require lots of server recourses to operate smoothly. A good VPS for trading should have at least 1 CPU, 1GB RAM and circa 25GB HHD. A quick note - the higher the server specifications (RAM/CPU) and the faster the host’s internet speed, the faster the execution speed.

Afraid not. The biggest benefit of VPS trading is that you can remain connected to the internet – and therefore the markets – permanently. This facilitates the execution process and contributes to a safer and more stable trading environment.

Yes, you can – but be aware that for your expert advisors or copy trading program to run efficiently, a single account should be connected to a single MT4 instance at any given time. You can have multiple accounts running on multiple MT4 instances, but these must be set up with caution as you need to consider the availability of your free server resources (RAM/CPU).

Contact your Account Service Manager, who will inform you if you meet the criteria for free VPS access and tell you how to proceed if you do.