Why Soaring Oil Prices Are A Blessing & Curse | FXTM Market Update | 12/10/2021

Either we like it or not, oil is an integral part of our daily lives no matter where we are in the world. With the commodity appreciating to multiyear highs amid tightening supplies and rising demand, it remains a major talking point across markets. Watch FXTM Senior Research Analyst Lukman Otunuga, as he discusses the impacts of rising oil prices on economies and investors. For more Market Analysis read the latest @ http://fxtm.co/marketupdate-yt ❤️ Like what we do? Make sure to give us a thumbs up & let us know in the comments section. ✍️ #oilprices #oiltrading #tradeoil #crudeoil #brentoil #oilprice #financialnews #financialmarkets #forexnews #marketnews #investing #FXTMgivesyoumore #theweekin60seconds

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