CFD Trading: What are the benefits, risks and why do traders love it?

There are plenty of reasons traders prefer CFD trading! However CFD’s also come with risks and a couple of costs to watch out for. Watch Lukman give you the 4 W’s of CFD trading! 00:00 Intro 00:55 1.What are CFDs? 02:13 2.Why trade CFDs? 03:37 3.When to use CFDs? 04:32 4.Who can trade CFDs? For more Market Analysis read the latest @ ❤️ Like what we do? Make sure to give us a thumbs up! Let us know when what you think in the comments section. ✍️ #CFDtrading #CFDs #FXTMgivesyoumore #FXTMmarketsexplained #Investing #Trading #TradingEducation #FinancialMarkets


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風險警示: 交易有風險,投資有風險。Exinity Limited 受FSC(毛裏求斯)監管。點擊查看假冒富拓帳號官方聲明