Risk warning: Trading Forex can generate great profits as well as great losses for you. It’s good practice to never invest more that you are willing to part with as it is possible to lose more than your initial investment. If you do not have enough experience to trade, we suggest you seek independent advice before you invest. Remember… time is money, invest it wisely.


Would you like a new, shiny toolbox for free? It's yours here at Forex Time (FXTM) and it contains all the necessary tools you need to trade the markets. From technical analysis to risk management tools, it's all there!

  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar Keep up to date with major economic indicators, news and alerts when they happen and as they happen.
  • Forex News Timeline Receive live market news from one of the world's most reliable sources directly on your MetaTrader trading platform and through our website.
  • Trading Central
    Trading Central Want to be ahead of the game? Trading Central provides investors with a complete technical analysis update, giving them pivot points for entering and exiting the markets and daily targets for both long and short positions.
  • Forex Circles Forex Circles is an in-depth forex news portal which provides fundamental and technical analysis, forex insights and weekly reports which help traders follow market trends and keep up with the latest economic news affecting the currency markets.
  • Currency Converter Calculate the foreign exchange rates of the major FX currency pairs using our free currency converter.