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Your guide on why trading oil can fuel up your strategy

Have you ever wondered why oil prices in the charts are completely different from the prices you see at petrol stations? 📈 ⛽ In order to understand that, let's learn more about oil's history and its importance. Oil's role in the world is actually way beyond fueling up cars, planes and trains, you can also trade it to fuel up your trading strategy. Watch Lukman give you the full guide on why trading oil could be the next step in your trading journey. Do you have oil in your portfolio? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments. 👇 00:00 Intro - Can trading oil fuel up your strategy? 00:41 Why is oil so important? 01:11 All about OPEC & OPEC+ 02:16 Influences on the price of oil 02:22 Supply factors 02:55 Demand factors 03:52 Listen out for market speculation 04:16 Oil benchmarks 04:53 Fuel price explained 05:22 How to trade oil on FXTM 05:45 Recap! Some useful links covered in this video: 👉FXTM Daily Market Analysis: http://fxtm.co/marketupdate-yt 👉Trade Oil with FXTM: http://fxtm.co/tradeoil ❤️ Like what we do? Make sure to give us a thumbs up! #TradeOil #OilPrice #FXTMgivesyoumore #FXTMmarketsexplained #Investing #Trading #TradingEducation #FinancialMarkets #FundamentalAnalyst #TechnicalAnalyst #TradingStrategy #OilTrading #Crude #WIT #OPEC

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