FXTM Around the World

As the FXTM brand continues to evolve and expand around the world, we are continuing our mission to support and participate in financial, social and cultural events.  This is a testament to our role as a broker with a local touch – our presence across a diverse range of events and activities showcases not only our active role in the financial industry, but also in the society in which we live.


FXTM Platinum Sponsors of NFI Investment Summit

FXTM is proud to announce our attendance at the 2019 Newswayfin Financial Investment Summit as prestigious Platinum Sponsors. This event will bring together top investment experts, who will give captivating talks in the political and industrial centre of the Taiwan Province.


FXTM are Gold Sponsors of the Jordan Forex Expo 2019

FXTM is pleased to be taking an active role at the Jordan Forex Expo 2019 as Gold Sponsors. This prestigious event has been celebrating Jordan’s growing reputation as a financial hub for the past 14 years.


FXTM to attend Traders Fair & Gala Night as Platinum Sponsor

The Traders Fair & Gala Night in Thailand is a prestigious trading event, hosting esteemed speakers from around the world for a fantastic day of education and entertainment. FXTM are delighted to announce that we will be attending as Platinum Sponsor!

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