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Global FXTM Market Analysis Team

FXTM is known for being an expert source of financial commentary and our market research team regularly publishes market commentaries, updating traders on the latest market opportunities that could potentially enhance their trading strategies.

Research Team

Jameel Ahmad
Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM (424 Topics)

Jameel Ahmad is the Vice President of Corporate Development and Chief Market Analyst at FXTM. Since joining the company in May 2014, Jameel has played a key role in building the international profile of the company. He currently leads the implementation of FXTM’s internal and external communications strategy, as well as the development of the company’s market research team in his role as Chief Market Analyst. read more...

Hussein Sayed

Hussein Sayed
Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA) (1234 Topics)

Hussein Al Sayed has nearly 14 years of experience in the Financial Markets. He is best known for his role as an anchor at CNBC Arabia hosting the popular evening show, Bursat Al Alam. read more...

Yue Zhong
Market Analyst (357 Topics)

Yue Zhong is a market analyst at FXTM. Specialising in financial market research with a focus on China and the Asian markets, his areas of expertise include forex, precious metals, commodities and global stocks. read more...

Lukman Otunuga
Research Analyst (2011 Topics)

Lukman Otunuga is a research analyst at FXTM. A keen follower of macroeconomic events, with a strong professional and academic background in finance, Lukman is well versed in the various factors affecting the currency markets. read more...

Alex Gurr

Alex Gurr
Guest Analyst (1026 Topics)

Alex Gurr has been studying the movements across the financial markets for a number of years and possesses over three years of work experience as an analyst in an international brokerage. Alex was raised in New Zealand and is also a former NZ CFA Research Champion for Massey University, where he also holds a BBS in economics and finance. read more...

Latest Market Research Articles

Hussein Sayed
22 May @ 09:59 By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA)
U.S. - China trade truce optimism fades in Asia
U.S. investors got overexcited on Monday after Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, announced over the weekend that the trade war with China was “on hold.” The relief over trade concerns sent stocks sharply higher, particularly the heavyweight industrial stocks. Boeing, United Technologies,...
Alex Gurr
21 May @ 20:51 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
AUD lifts on positive risk sentiment
It has been a positive day for the Australian dollar today as the markets were buoyed by increased risk sentiment. Clearly markets have been enjoying the strong USD over the last few weeks, but are looking to expand their horizons and the Australian dollar has come back into focus as a result....
Hussein Sayed
21 May @ 10:04 By Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA)
Key market events to watch this week
Trade war on hold  - for now Asian stocks gained on Monday morning as investors learned that the U.S. and China agreed to drop the tariff threats against each other while they continue to work out an agreement. This was the second round of trade negotiations without clearly defined targets...
18 May @ 15:52 By Lukman Otunuga, Research Analyst
Markets cautious on US - China trade talks
Investors have entered today’s trading session adopting a cautious stance thanks to conflicting reports over the progress of high-level trade talks between the US and China. Sentiment was initially boosted following reports of China proposing to purchase $200 billion worth of American goods in a...
Alex Gurr
18 May @ 04:01 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
AUD struggles in market enviroment
The Australian dollar got some positive news for a change as it faced off against the USD and won a round for the bulls after a month of bearish pressure. This has been positive on the fact that the Australian economy in the employment sector has performed better than most expected with Australian...
18 May @ 02:29 By Jameel Ahmad, Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM
Unstoppable USD hammers Gold & Yen; China trade talks in focus
The ongoing relentless rally in the US Dollar has yet to show any convincing signs that it is running out of steam.  The Greenback maintained its level close to its 2018 high during trading on Thursday and the current forecast is that the unexpected turnaround in fortunes in the US Dollar...

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