जोखिम की चेतावनी: सीएफडी जटिल इंस्ट्रूमेंट हैं जिनमें लीवरेज के कारण तेजी से धन गंवाने के भारी जोखिम हैं। इस प्रोवाईडर के साथ सीएफडी ट्रेडिंग करते समय 70% रिटेल इनवेस्टर अकाउंट धन गंवा बैठते हैं। आपको विचार करना होगा कि क्या आपको सीएफडी कार्यप्रणली की जानकारी है और क्या आप अपना धन गंवाने का भारी जोखिम ले सकते हैं।

Lukman's Week Ahead | 04/03/2019

Every Monday at 13:00 GMT, our market expert will be on hand to tackle the week’s most significant market developments and their impact on the currency, commodity and equity markets. In his presentation on the 04th of March, Lukman takes on: •Market mood uplifted by optimism over US-China reaching a breakthrough on trade talks. •European Central Bank scheduled on Thursday with Mario Draghi under the spotlight •Dollars outlook will be influenced by US jobs report on Friday •Brexit noise continues to impact the Pound •Technical and fundamental setups to watch out for

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Unloved rally in US equities
Hussein Sayed

22 अगस्त @ 09:59

By Hussein Sayed, मुख्य मार्केट स्ट्रेटेजिस्ट (गल्फ एवं मीना)

Unloved rally in US equities
Wall Street rallies on strong earnings in the retail sector  FOMC minutes provided mixed signals Investors' attention shift to PMI numbers and Jackson Hole gathering   US equity markets enjoyed another day of rally on Wednesday although FOMC minutes indicated divergence in...
Asian stocks lower as investors keep US-China trade deal optimism in check
Han Tan

21 अगस्त @ 04:31

By Han Tan, मार्केट एनालिस्ट

Asian stocks lower as investors keep US-China trade deal optimism in check
Asian stocks are following their US counterparts lower, with markets reluctant to get ahead of themselves in hoping for a near-term resolution to the US-China conflict. The intensifying concerns over the state of the global economy have only soured the outlooks for open and trade-dependent Asian...
Euro Rebounds After Italian Prime Minister Resigns
Lukman Otunuga

20 अगस्त @ 18:33

By Lukman Otunuga, रिसर्च एनालिस्ट

Euro Rebounds After Italian Prime Minister Resigns
The Euro is staging a modest recovery against the Dollar despite Italy’s Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte confirming that he will resign ahead of a no-confidence vote. It remains unclear whether this will open doors to a snap election or if parliament will be asked to try and form a new government...
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