Entrepreneurial Family Businesses

How well do you know these entrepreneurial families? Here at FXTM we have researched all of the businesses these entrepreneurial families have either founded, invested in, or served on the board of and mapped them out in this fun infographic.

Family Businesses

Musk Brothers

After growing up in South Africa, the Musk brothers, Elon and Kimbal, moved to Canada, and later attended university in the US. They co-founded Zip2 and The Musk Foundation, and became serial entrepreneurs in their own right. They share similar philanthropic goals, with a focus on improving humanity. Kimbal has been referred to as a “global social entrepreneur” and Elon has donated millions of dollars to organisations, including The Future of Life Institute and the X Prize Foundation.

Tata Family

Ratan Tata is the former chairman of Tata and Sons, an Indian conglomerate based in Mumbai. The organisation made history in 2009 by developing the World’s Cheapest Car - entering the market at just £1,300. Alongside their successful business enterprises, the Tata family are widely recognised for their involvement in philanthropy. Ratan Tata was honoured with the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India. This is the second highest civilian award of the Republic of India.

Kardashian Family

There’s no such thing as “too much on your plate” for Kris Jenner. She is the “momager” of the Kardashian/Jenner family, executive producer of the hit American TV show KUWTK, and also runs her own business ventures including Jenner Communications. Her children have no doubt inherited this entrepreneurial gene, experimenting with ventures ranging from a pre-paid debit card to mobile phone games and clothing lines. The youngest member of the family, Kylie Jenner, refers to herself as a mini-business woman, but there is nothing “mini” about her company- Kylie Cosmetics, it is set to become a $1 billion company by 2020. 

Buffett Family

Alongside their hugely successful business ventures, the Buffett family are equally well known for being active philanthropists. Howard Buffett, Warren Buffet’s son, founded the Howard G. Buffett Foundation which award millions in grants to agricultural organisations. Warren Buffett famously pledged that more than 99% of his wealth will go to philanthropy in his lifetime. He has an estimated net worth of $81.1 billion and has been recognised as one of the most successful investors in the world.

Trump Family

To say business acumen runs in the family is an understatement when referring to the Trump family’s success in business. Many generations have been involved in the building of the Trump Empire, who have collectively built approximately 269 businesses that bear the Trump name, and they employ an impressive 22,500 individuals. The first Trump organisation was a real estate development firm founded in 1923 by his mother, it was originally called Elizabeth Trump & Son. Trump was in charge of the company for 46 years before being elected as US president. His longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg, and two eldest sons now manage the businesses.

Disney Family

The Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was founded by brothers Roy and Walt Disney in 1923. The brothers worked well as a team, with Roy taking care of business and Walt focusing on the creative side of the company. Despite tough beginnings, Walt went on to win 22 academy awards in his lifetime. The Disney name has over 100 companies under its banner and there are very few children that have not fallen under the spell of the Disney characters. 

Lauren Family

Although they have followed two different career paths, father Ralph Lauren and daughter Dylan Lauren share the same entrepreneurial drive. Ralph began by selling mens’ ties in 1967 and now has 17 brands under the Ralph Lauren Corporation. Dylan currently owns one of the largest candy stores in the world, where customers are surrounded by imaginative state-of-the-art décor, whimsical displays, and inventive product mixes.

Check out the infographic below for more examples!

Entrepreneurs and their family businesses

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