Barclays Bank

CurrencyGBP, USD, EUR
Fees / CommissionNo Commission
Processing Time3-5 Business Days

How to Make a Deposit to Your FXTM Account

  1. Enter your MyFXTM and from the upper menu, choose 'Deposit'. Select the bank and then which trading account you want to make a deposit to and choose the bank account you would like to post your funds to.
  2. Once you have chosen one of our bank accounts, you will be given further details required to continue with the wire transfer. Select ‘Print the Bank Details' and be sure to provide your bank with this information when you make the transfer.
  3. Be sure that you have understood our deposit conditions before making the transfer.

Important Information

When you are making your deposit, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Payments from third parties are not accepted. The name of the Sender must match the name registered with FXTM.
  2. All transactions sent in a currency that differs from the currency of your account will be automatically converted at the FXTM conversion rate.
  3. If the deposit is successful, it will be posted to your account shortly. There might be a delay if FXTM or the payment provider is unable to verify your information.
  4. If you wish to withdraw your initial deposit, you have to use the same source of funds from which you originally deposited.
  5. If a transaction is made in a currency that is not supported (please check the table above for supported currencies), your deposit will be converted to the supported currency of your choice. Please note that the provider may charge a conversion fee.
  6. In the event that your trading account and deposit are denominated in different currencies, the transaction will be subject to conversion and charges may apply, as per the Conversion Rates table in MyFXTM (login required).
  7. Our conversion rates are updated daily.
  8. The deposit fee will be subtracted from the deposited amount. Please check the table above for Fees/Commissions.
  9. Please check the table above for FXTM’s processing times with regards to deposits.
  10. The client will be responsible for all charges arising when a bank transfer received from a third party is sent back to the sender.
  11. When giving your bank details, please ensure that they are correct because any mistakes made may delay the process and in such a case you will be responsible for any additional charges made by the concerned banks.
  12. Until you receive the transferred funds in your trading account, please keep the transfer confirmation from your bank (the account statement, the SWIFT copy, etc.). Such information may be required if we need to confirm any of your details or make further inquiries into your transfer.
  13. In your payment details, please indicate your trading account number so we can successfully send the funds directly there.
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