Clients’ segregation of funds

ForexTime Ltd provides its services to clients in 33 countries. We always strictly abide by the regulations and the protection of our clients’ investment is our primary concern. We are committed to providing a trusted and reliable trading environment for all our clients.


ForexTime Limited is regulated by CySEC under license number 185/12. Investor funds are safely deposited in separate accounts from the company’s own funds and always with top-tier banks.

MiFID (i.e. the European Directive 2004/39/EC)

ForexTime is regulated by CySEC and governed by the regulations laid out in MiFID.

Segregated Funds

Clients’ funds are segregated completely with the operational funds of the company and kept in top-tier banks. ForexTime Ltd will never use clients’ funds in its operation or any other investment, ensuring their protection at all times.

Bank Partnerships

ForexTime Ltd has established partnerships with several banks. Please see our Deposits & Withdrawals page for more detailed information.

Investor Compensation Fund

ForexTime is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, a scheme which serves to protect eligible retail clients and pay them relevant compensation in the event that the company fails to return funds and financial instruments belonging to those clients, due to financial problems, as applicable. Click here to read more about the ICF.

Encryption Methods

FXTM adopted the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) network security protocol to guarantee a secure connection for all communications with our clients, protect customers during their transactions with the company and keep all customer information private.

  1. User identification and server authentication policies, ensure the data is sent to the right customer terminal and server.
  2. Data transmission is encrypted to prevent data theft and unauthorized access by third parties.
  3. Maintain data integrity and ensure that all data remain unchanged during transmission.

We have a sound financial status and keep transparent information practices

ForexTime Ltd is committed to providing complete transparency. We meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy levels and are required to submit financial reports periodically to our regulators.

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Risk warning: This page is not intended for Retail clients. You should satisfy Professional client criteria before continuing.