Trade as a Professional Client

Classifying as a Professional Client means you waive

  • ICF Protection

    ICF protection

    Professional clients cannot be covered by the Investor Compensation Fund in any way

  • Best Execution Policies

    Best Execution policies

    Retail clients are always prioritised above professional clients with regards to our order execution policies

  • Obligations to be informed

    Obligations to be informed

    Specifically related to information related to Company, services and applicable charges (e.g. costs, commissions and fees) and other income payable to FXTM

  • Disclaimers and risk warnings

    Disclaimers and risk warnings

    We are not obligated to provide you with written risk warnings in regards to complex financial instruments (like CFDs)

  • Marketing communication

    Marketing communication

    We are not obligated to comply with relevant legislation relating to marketing communication

Please make sure you are familiar with our full terms and conditions.

Do you qualify as a Professional Client?

You must be able to answer ‘yes’ to at least two of the following questions:

  • Have you traded a significant size of CFDs (at least 10 lots per quarter over the previous four (4) quarters)?

  • Do you have at least one year of professional work experience in the financial sector, where knowledge of transactions or services in CFDs was required?

  • Does the size of your portfolio (including cash and financial instruments) exceed 500,000 Euros?

Are you a Professional Client? Apply to find out

If you have any more questions regarding the distinction between Professional and Retail clients, please read through the Customer Categorisation document, or Contact Us and our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

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Risk warning: This page is not intended for Retail clients. You should satisfy Professional client criteria before continuing.