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Beyond the track

Follow FXTM and Sahara Force India behind the scenes of the 2017 Formula One™ season.

FXTM and Formula One™ team Sahara Force India have partnered up for 2017, a match that is sure to deliver thrills and excitement. Get your all-access pass with exclusive team profiles, videos, photos, and more from behind the scenes of the 2017 season. Share with friends on your favourite social channels, and don’t miss a moment of the action on ‘Beyond the Track’ with FXTM and Sahara Force India!

Introducing FXTM's Beyond the Track.

Join FXTM as we take an exclusive look behind the scenes of Sahara Force India F1™ Team.

Check out the latest SFI videos, photos and posts from FXTM’s social stream below.

We go behind-the-scenes with SFI Deputy Team Principle, Bob Fernley, to see what really powers a leading F1™ Team.

Bob Fernley Bob Fernley

Q&A with Force India’s Bob Fernley.

What is your role? Effectively ‘de facto’ Team Principle‎, but in reality, I’m the one who makes the wrong decisions!

You’ve been pushing for a more equitable share of the sport’s revenues. What model would you like to see F1™ adopt? Something along the lines of the English Premiere League, where payments are merit based.

How satisfied are you with Force India’s achievements? What can we expect for the second half of the year? The team’s race craft, reliability ‎and strategy calls have been excellent. The second half of the season will be about maintaining this and improving the chassis performance.

For pounds spent in F1™, Force India are world champions. What is the secret to efficient spending? A lean and mean structure! We watch every pound spent, and have a dedicated race and factory team who get the most value out of every opportunity.

In relation to sports revenues, what is the estimated disparity between the top funded teams and the bottom teams in terms of numbers? I can’t go into details, but there is a significant difference up and down the grid in terms of basic prize money – perhaps as much as 50 or 60%. Yes, success should be rewarded, but the disparity created by the bonus payments to certain teams creates an unfair advantage. This reduces competition throughout the grid, which short-changes the fans.

In your opinion, what is the most costly aspect of running an F1™ team? All F1™ teams have fixed costs – we have to travel to the races and operate the cars. Salary costs are another big expense; if you want the best people, you have to pay competitive salaries. Car build and car development is expensive, particularly over the winter months, so you have to plan your cash flow carefully.

How much of the budget goes into building and developing this year’s car, versus investing in 2018’s? Much of the development work for 2017 will be relevant to the 2018 car as well, which means we can push car developments until late this year. There comes a point when you have to switch focus to the new car. We have a set budget for development this year, and it’s important that we don’t compromise next year’s car.

2017 F1™ Team Standings

1 Mercedes475
2 Ferrari373
3 Red Bull230
4 Force India124
5 Williams59
6 Toro Rosso52
7Haas F1 Team42
9 MClaren17

Check out the latest SFI videos, photos and posts from FXTM’s social stream below.

Post-Race Report: #SingaporeGP

The Marina Bay circuit is always a challenge, and the first ever wet night race in F1™ history only added to the drama. A tough qualifying meant our Pink Panthers started down the grid, dodging incidents in the front rows in the first few seconds of the race to score another double-point finish. With Sergio Perez finishing in a strong P5 and Esteban Ocon in P10, Sahara Force India extended their overall fourth place lead with a combined 11 points.

Exclusive teaser!

The FXTM selfie with an FXTM tennis champ! This is our film crew behind-the-scenes with tennis star Dominika Cibulkova and the VJM10 model, preparing something extra special for Beyond the Track. What could it be? Watch this space.

Post-Race Report: #ItalianGP

With new team rules set for the two Force India drivers, all eyes were on the ‘The Temple of Speed’. A rain-drenched qualifying session saw Esteban Ocon start the race at P3 (his best grid position of the season so far), but the might of Mercedes and Ferrari couldn’t be topped. Sergio Perez did well to finish P9, while Ocon maintained his composure and finished in P6. That’s a double-digit, double-point finish for our favourite F1™ team!

Post-Race Report: #BelgianGP

School was back in session for Sahara Force India at the historic Belgium GP, and the boys aren’t playing nice! Sergio Perez & Esteban Ocon made first contact at the start, a scuffle that heated up in lap 28 with a Pink Panther collision. Perez’s tyre got punctured (forcing him to retire the race) and Ocon’s front wing suffered damage (finished P9). “We’ll be calling the race from the pit wall in the future,” said Team COO Otmar Szafnauer.