USD/JPY hits 20-year highs
07 JUN clock 11:39

USD/JPY hits fresh 20-year highs

JPY pressure is intense at the moment. 10-year US Treasury yields have moved above 3% and as long as those yields are rushing higher, momentum is bullish in USD/JPY. The BoJ continues to view the weak yen as mainly positive.
Week Ahead: EURUSD to contend with ECB policy clues, US inflation
03 JUN clock 13:25

Week Ahead: EURUSD to react to ECB policy clues, US inflation

EURUSD is set to face two major catalysts in the coming week that could whether whether the world’s most popularly-traded currency pair could launch higher past its 50-day moving average and reclaim the 1.09 mark.
Gold bar
30 MAY clock 14:02

Trade of the week: Calm Before The Gold Storm?

Fasten your seatbelts and tighten up because this could be a wild week for gold!
World markets
16 AUG clock 10:14

Markets remain worried by global recession fears

Asian shares edged cautiously higher on Tuesday, tracking a rebound in Wall Street overnight despite disappointing economic data from China and the US fuelling recessionary fears.
Week Ahead: US dollar to fall further on recession fears?
17 JUN clock 09:07

Week Ahead: US dollar to fall further on recession fears?

Even though the June FOMC meeting is now behind us, markets will continue being laser-focused on the Fed’s quest to tame inflation, a campaign which is feared could end with a recession.