FXI Trading Signals

FXTM Trading Signals

Make it easier to spot opportunities and take your trading to the next level

Our trading signals have been carefully created by our team of market experts to interpret movements of key assets, so you can spot the latest opportunities as they happen.

Why you’ll love our signals

Typically zero spreads on major FX

Features popular indicators and trading scenarios.

Globally regulated & licensed

Gives you the choice of four take-profit levels.


Recommends protective stop loss levels for you.

Secure & Safe

Gives you daily updates on EU and US market action.

What are trading signals?

Put simply, trading signals are a collection of tools that analyse the price movements of an asset and alert a trader to either buy or sell. They are generated by either technical analysis indicators or mathematical algorithms.

Use them to strategize on different scenarios and manage your risk in the markets by adjusting Take Profit levels and looking at the recommended Stop Loss. Market updates also help you get ready to plan for the day ahead.

How to use our trading signals


A trading signal is a trigger or call to action that recommends to either buy or sell a particular asset. It is generated by either technical analysis indicators, or mathematical algorithms. Economic indicators can also contribute.

Trading signals offer great insights into the latest market movements. It’s also really important to remember that these are recommendations only, and that doing your own research and implementing risk management techniques is still vital.

Our trading signals tools are completely free to use. Just register with us or log in and you’re good to go. We’ve got a whole host of other free trading tools for you to use too.