Leverage Margin

Leverage and margin requirements

Read our leverage and margin conditions to trade and invest wisely

What are leverage and margin?

Leverage is a way to boost your buying power. It allows you to deposit a small amount, but trade with more basically borrowed capital. It similar to a loan, meaning that we'll lend you a set amount of money so that you can buy a larger amount of an asset, and earn a larger profit on your successful trades.

Pip Value = (1 pip / Quote Currency Exchange Rate to Account Currency) * Lot size in units

Margin refers to the certain level of funds you need to keep in your account to cover any possible losses on your trades. This is also known as good faith deposit. You'll need to maintain your margin level to open and maintain your positions.

Read on to learn more about our leverage and margin levels.

Leverage and margin requirements at a glance

Available for MT4 only

Our Advantage account is by far the most popular among our traders.

Leverage and margin

Up to 1:3000* (floating)

Trade with no commission and tight spreads

Our Advantage Plus account offers a similar experience to the Advantage, with zero commission but wider spreads.

Leverage and margin

Up to 1:3000* (floating)

Check out our trading account comparison page here to learn more about our leverage and margin requirement. Feel free reach out to us directly if something's not clear.

Leverage and margin requirements in full detail

Click to open our documentation on leverage and margin for Advantage and Advantage plus accounts (on both MT4 and MT5).
Trading leveraged products has the potential to increase losses as well as profits. Please trade carefully.
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Leverage and Margin for Indices and Commodities
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Margin means the amount of money you need to keep in your account to cover any losses you might make. Make sure you maintain this amount at all times, or your current positions will be closed and you won't be able to open any new ones.

Leverage essentially enables you to get a larger exposure to the markets than the amount that you've deposited to trade. It's similar to a loan, in that we'll lend you capital to buy even more of an asset. If your trade is successful, your profit will be even bigger. Remember though any losses you experience will be greater too.

We don't have one specific margin level. It depends on a number of factors including your account type and the specific instrument you're trading. You can learn more about this here, or check this out for a quick snapshot of what's offered by account type.

Again, this also depends on your account type and the instrument you're trading. More importantly though, the amount of leverage we offer is based on your personal knowledge and market experience so limits will vary.

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