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FXTM Forex Basics - 13. What is Balance?

What is your Balance?

When trading, the balance refers to the amount of money a trader has in their trading account. However, it’s important to remember that this amount does not include any profits or losses a trader might have from any open positions. If a trader has an open position, his or her balance might change depending on the losses or profits he or she has made once the trade (or part of the trade) is closed. A trader’s balance is located in different sections on the trading platform, depending on whether the trader is using the MT4 or the MT5 platform.

FXTM Invest - 08. What is Risk Level?

What is Risk Level in FXTM Invest?

What is Risk Level in FXTM Invest? The Strategy Manager’s Risk Level is calculated based on the average daily volatility. The absolute values of all daily returns, be they positive or negative, sin...

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FXTM Invest - 07. What is Profit Share?

What is Profit Share in FXTM Invest?

FXTM Invest is a state-of-the-art, flexible and user-friendly copy-trading program from FXTM. It offers clients the opportunity to follow the trades of suitable Strategy Managers. A client who foll...

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FXTM Invest - 05. What is Safety Mode?

What is the Safety Mode in FXTM Invest?

What is the Safety Mode in FXTM Invest? Another great feature in FXTM Invest is the Safety Mode. This function enables Investors to decrease their risk by half, compared to their Strategy Manag...

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FXTM Invest - 04. What is the Protection Level?

What is the Protection Level in FXTM Invest?

What is the Protection Level in FXTM Invest? One of the best features of FXTM Invest is that it allows Investors the opportunity to have control over their funds. Namely, Investors can set a limit ...

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FXTM Invest - 03. How FXTM Invest works

How FXTM Invest works

How FXTM Invest works When an Investor follows a Strategy Manager, any trade opened by that Strategy Manager is automatically copied by the Investor at the same time and price. The size of the Inve...

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FXTM Invest - 02. How to Join FXTM Invest

How to Join FXTM Invest

How to Join FXTM Invest So, you’re ready to join FXTM Invest but don’t know how? Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be investing in no time: Open an FXTM account get it verified. This i...

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