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FXTM Market Analysts

Alex Gurr

Alex Gurr

Guest Analyst

E-mail: info@forextime.com

Personal info

Alex Gurr has been studying the movements across the financial markets for a number of years and possesses over three years of work experience as an analyst in an international brokerage. Alex was raised in New Zealand and is also a former NZ CFA Research Champion for Massey University, where he also holds a BBS in economics and finance.

Alex's approach is heavily technical when it comes to reading market movements with a strong fundamental bias to tie it all together. In addition to regularly studying price movements on the charts, Alex also enjoys reading up on today’s major economic issues across the globe and monetary policy across central banks.be and monetary policy across central banks.

The latest articles

Oil nears key levels

20.06 @ 03:46 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
Oil continues to struggle on the charts as last week's expectation for oil failed to show any real signs that there was a drain on the US oil inventories. While there was at least some drain on... Read more

Hawkish FED increases risk sentiment

15.06 @ 01:22 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
The US federal reserve has stolen the spotlight today as the FED looked to lift rates once again; something which markets had expected. The lift of 25 basis points was a showcase of strength that the... Read more

Sterling unwinds some pressure

13.06 @ 01:09 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
The Pound in recent times has been very lacklustre for traders and shown little volatility, but the recent election result surprised many and showed that the UK is most certainly in for further... Read more

Pound priced in for UK election

07.06 @ 23:53 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
Super Thursday is looking very much that, with so much on the cards and the big news I feel will certainly be the UK elections. So far the conservatives are losing some ground, however it looks to be... Read more

Commodity currencies dominate in flat market

07.06 @ 00:22 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst
The commodity currencies are enjoying strong highs at present, as the bulls look to run away on the back of a weaker USD and in the face of global uncertainty; they're certainly hedging they'... Read more