6 Benefits

    Set the performance fee you wish to receive from your investors’ profits (up to 50%)
    Feature your stats & skills on a personal Strategy Manager page - available in 15 languages
    Automatically compete with other Strategy Managers - the higher you rank, the more exposure you get
    Your dedicated webpage is available to thousands of investors from more than 100 countries
    Take advantage of excellent trading conditions for both Strategy Managers and Investors
    Your chance to be one of the first to try out the advanced technology

How does it work?

  • 01 Open an account in our program, make a deposit & start trading
  • 02 Receive your own webpage on the FXTM website which displays your trading statistics
  • 03 Share you results on social media and have 100,000+ potential investors view your webpage
  • 04 Set your performance fee - you have the freedom to decide how much to charge investors (up to 50%)!
  • 05 If you trade successfully, both you and your investors profit
  • 06 The more followers you have, the more you can earn

FXTM Invest wants you to get ahead

  • You’ll be promoted for free to thousands of visitors daily on the FXTM website
  • Perform well & move up to the top of the list in the “Top Ranking Strategy Managers” table for more visibility
  • The more followers you have, the more stars you get. This means more exposure for you!
  • Share your trading results on social media with ease using our tools
Become a Strategy manager today

Who can become a Strategy Manager?

  • Experienced
  • Investment Managers
  • Fund Managers

What you need to know to become a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest

  • Some trading experience
  • Signing up
    is simple
  • Start with just 200 USD/EUR/GBP
  • It’s totally free – no FXTM fees apply!

Advanced technology for better results

  • Monitor your performance with our advanced reporting and real-time statistics
  • Your trades are featured on our site but your strategy remains private
  • Experience our technology of copy trading with increased accuracy (up to 0.0001 lot)
  • Calculations for investor funds precise up to 4 decimal points
  • One Execution Price of Order for Strategy Managers and investors
  • Your trades are not affected by any deposits or withdrawals made by investors - there is no need to adjust any open positions

Our Strategy Managers

  • mitaa78782, Indonesia 1129.76% profit as of 19.04.2018

    “Becoming a Strategy Manager has been one of the biggest steps I have taken in my life, and I love my decision. The FXTM Invest programme is easy to use and understand.”

  • PipsBuilder, Pakistan 654.76% profit as of 19.04.2018

    “FXTM’s quick order execution, and easy deposit and withdrawal system, make it an outstanding broker. I have been able to get in touch with numerous direct investors and grow my Strategy Manager account.”

  • OnePlus87, Cyprus 228.05% profit as of 19.04.2018

    “FXTM Invest is a simple and innovative copy trading system. I have more than ten years’ experience in currency trading and I use fundamental and technical analysis to choose the pairs I trade with.”

* The testimonials, Manager names and information provided above are real. FXTM does not support or endorse any of the aforementioned information/strategies and the content of this post should not be misunderstood as advice. FXTM reminds that such type of information/strategies may not be suitable for all investors and results may differ between demo and live environments.

Ready to become a Strategy Manager with FXTM Invest?

  • 01

    Complete the form
    to open a Strategy Account

  • 02

    Get approved & make a deposit

  • 03

    Set your performance
    fee %

  • 04

    Start trading

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