FXI Investment Calculator


FXTM Invest Profit Calculator

Calculate how much profit you stand to make when using FXTM Invest.

Our investment calculator lets you know exactly how much you stand to earn on the FXTM Invest copy trading platform, as well as how much you’ll be charged when your Strategy Manager makes a successful trade.

FXTM Invest Profit Calculator


Investment amount (USD)
Expected profit (%)
USD 1500
Anticipated account equity before withdrawal
Profit share (%)
USD 500
Amount paid to Manager based on 0% profit share
Gross withdrawal amount (USD)
USD 1000
Net withdrawal

How does the FXTM Invest Calculator work?

Start by adding the amount that you’d like to invest to understand your Expected Profit, Profit Share and Gross Withdrawal amount (in USD) at a glance.

You’ll also see the amount you’ll pay to your Strategy Manager for successful trades, based on the % of profit share - as well as the actual net withdrawal you will receive.

More about FXTM Invest

Before you use the FXTM Invest calculator, make sure you understand how FXTM Invest works. Learn about it with this short video - you’ll be up to speed in no time.


The potential profit can be calculated with the formula:
Expected profit (%) * investment amount - ( profit amount * profit share percentage )

For example, given that:

  • expected return is 50%,
  • invested amount is 1000USD and
  • profit share percentage is 30%

By using above formula expected profit will be: 50% * 1000 - (500 - 30%) = 350USD.

You’ll need both the selling price and the purchase price to do this.

The selling price is how much the asset cost when you sold it, and the purchase price is how much you paid when you originally bought it. Here’s the formula you need to calculate the profit on your investment:

Selling price (SP) – purchase price (PP) = Profit

Let’s imagine you’ve bought $50 worth of a stock and you later sell that stock for $65.

$65 (SP) -$50 (PP) = $15 (P)

This means you’ve made a profit of $15.

Strategy Manager returns are calculated as follows based on equity:

Return Percentage formula = ((ending equity- beginning equity)/ beginning equity ) *100%

For example, given that:
  • strategy manager started with $1000
  • now strategy manager has $2000

By using the above formula return will be: (2000-1000)/1000=100%

This entirely depends on the amount of capital you are willing to risk - and able to afford. We strongly suggest you start small, build your trading skills using our free educational resources and practice your trading strategies as you go.

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