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3 lessons from the Binance and OpenAI CEO sagas
22 NOV clock 14:40

3 lessons from the Binance, OpenAI CEO sagas

Sam Altman made a dramatic return as OpenAI CEO, just days after being publicly fired. Meanwhile, Changpeng Zhao a.k.a. CZ has stepped down as Binance CEO, after pleading guilty to criminal charges. From the chaos comes learnings, especially for traders and investors.
Trade of the Week: Can SPX500_m recover from technical correction?
21 AUG clock 09:13

Trade of the Week: SPX500_m demands proof out of Nvidia, Jackson Hole

The SPX500_m, which tracks the underlying S&P 500 index, is at the mercy of two of the largest market themes of 2023 coming head-to-head this week.