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Mid-Week Technical Outlook: G10 Currencies

A wave of risk aversion whacked financial markets on Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization over Ukraine and warned the West over ‘nuclear blackmail'.
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S&P 500 Bracing For More Pain Ahead Of NFP?

Global equity bulls lingered in the vicinity on Tuesday as market sentiment stabilized following the Fed induced sell-off last Friday.
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Equities plunge as selling returns to risk markets

US equities tumbled on Wednesday as they suffered their worst day since the early months of the pandemic in June 2020. The benchmark S&P500 fell 4% with 98% of stocks declining.
A volatile week ahead for financial markets?
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Mid-Week Technical Outlook: Hidden Jewels & Gems

Global equities staged a rebound on Wednesday after days of turmoil and uncertainty over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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Markets rally as geopolitics turns more positive

European stocks markets and US futures are in relatively buoyant mood while oil prices fell over 2% on more hopeful signs of a peaceful end to the Ukrainian crisis.